How To Select Photos For Your Wall Collage

How To Select Photos For Your Wall Collage

We all have that wall in our home that could use a little love but where do you begin when choosing photos for your gallery wall? It may seem like a daunting task but we’ve got you covered with 4 simple tips and tricks!

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Keep color in mind!

You don’t need to color coordinate your photos but sticking with a complimentary color palette can give you that studio gallery wall look. If you are worried the colors of your favorite photos won’t hang well together, try printing them all in black and white. To really elevate your wall, use the same black and white filter on each photo so the grey tones compliment each other nicely.

Size Matters

When deciding on the size your photos for your gallery wall should be, keep scale in mind! To get that interior designer look, opt for covering at least ⅔ of the wall space. This could also be achieved by a mix of multiple frame sizes or if you are going for the less is more look, try a small amount of oversized frames. For more tips, check out our Wall Art Size Guide.

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Plan your layout.

Creating your layout is the most important step in the process and Pinterest will be your best friend! Define your interior style and try to go off that when making your frame selections. If you are a minimalist, try a triptych, more traditional in style, try a grid gallery wall with coordinating frames, or if you have a more eclectic style, try a mix of frames at a variety of sizes to create a fun feature wall. If you aren't a family photo person, try purchasing some downloadable art from Etsy.

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Every moment matters!

While you can certainly stay on theme for your collage wall (wedding, family photo shoot, etc.) I personally love the look of a mix of life events and simple happy moments making the wall! You don’t need professional photos taken to create the gallery wall of your dreams, although it certainly can’t hurt to add those in too. Photos from happy beach vacations, walks in the park, or a trip to the lake should definitely make the cut. Try and avoid large group photos as they won’t always look best once hung.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home?

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