How To Use Video As a Marketing Tool For Your Photography Business

How To Use Video As a Marketing Tool For Your Photography Business

This is a contributor post by Cris Mark Baroro at You understand the importance of utilizing pictures to communicate a narrative since you are a photographer. And what better method to share your narrative and highlight your accomplishments than through video marketing? Photography is no exception to how strong and successful video has become in helping businesses connect with their target audience. The demand for video content is growing year after year, and it’s easy to see why. Video has the power to engage audiences like no other medium can; in fact, Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message as compared to 10% if reading it in text. We'll go through the advantages of using video as a marketing strategy for your photography business in this post.

Showcase your work in video

Video offers the chance to display your work and provide your audience with an inside look into your creative process in generating novel ideas. You may make a video showcasing your work, showcasing your own style, and letting potential customers know what to anticipate from you. One can disseminate this category of video on various social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. In addition, they can also upload it on their website for easy access. You can also use video to show how you work with clients, what types of sessions you offer, and how you interact with families in the studio or on location. People who are attempting to determine whether your personal style is a suitable fit for their requirements might benefit from this. Additionally, you may make a film that demonstrates your photo-editing techniques, how you use light and composition to produce stunning shots, or how you organize and get ready for a session. This type of video could be helpful if potential clients are looking for someone who has experience editing their own work or needs help understanding how post-processing is done.

Tell your photography story

Every photographer has a distinct narrative to tell, and video is a fantastic medium for doing it. If you wish to discuss your photography journey or share the motivations behind your work, video enables you to communicate these aspects in a manner that directly resonates with your audience. You may establish a connection with your audience and increase their sense of connection to you and your business by telling your narrative. You may even film yourself editing a photo or making an album for a customer to demonstrate your creative process. GIFs are a fantastic tool for telling stories. They’re fun, colorful, and can be used in a variety of ways. GIFs are often used in social media to add spice and color to a story. Shrink GIFs using a GIF compressor before uploading them so that they take up less screen real estate when users share the post on their own feeds. This kind of content is excellent for demonstrating the value you offer clients and letting them know what to anticipate when they hire you. Showcase your personality video is also a great way to showcase your personality. A great way is to use a video editor to make the video entertaining and catchy. You might relate tales of how you first became interested in photography, what motivates you as an artist, or even offer advice on how to shoot better pictures.

Display exclusive footage from behind the scenes of your photoshoots

Showing behind-the-scenes videos from your photo shoots is another method to use video to sell your photography business. This particular video genre not only exhibits your creative output but also provides your audience with insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of your work. You can show how you set up the shoot, work with your clients, and edit the final images. By showing this type of footage, you give potential clients a better understanding of what it’s like to work with you. A new service you provide or any other unique deals you might have might be promoted using this kind of video. For example, if you’re running a special on newborn photography sessions, you could use this type of behind-the-scenes video to show what goes into one. A clip like that may be a fantastic method to demonstrate to potential customers what you do and how much work goes into it. They may also get a close-up look at your style this way. Though this behind-the-scene footage can be quite long, eats up a lot of video memory, and can be hard to upload online. It's best to use an mp4 compressor to shrink the videos without losing their quality.

Create tutorials about what you know

Tutorials are a great method to demonstrate your knowledge and benefit your audience. On several facets of photography, such as lighting, composition, or editing, you may make video tutorials. You may establish your authority in your industry and gain the audience's confidence by producing tutorials. In addition to creating tutorials, you can also curate tutorials from other experts in your field. This will assist you in growing your audience and cultivating connections with influencers that have comparable audiences. A great way to create tutorials is by using screencasts. A screencast or a screen recorder is basically a recording of your computer screen, showing the actions you take while creating an image or video. You can narrate the tutorial in real-time or record a voiceover later and add it to the video.

Promote your photography business services

Finally, video is an excellent way to promote your services and drive more business. You can create a video that highlights a specific service you offer, such as wedding photography or portrait sessions. By promoting your services through video, you can reach a wider audience and attract new clients. You may also make a video outlining how you differ from your rivals. You will be able to spread your message and convince consumers to select your business over rivals by doing this. There are many ways that you can use video to lead your photography business and promote your work. The key to success is consistency; once you have started, continue and don't stop. Video needs to be worked into your marketing plan. By using video to showcase your work, tell your story, Display exclusive footage from behind the scenes, create tutorials, and promote your services, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level and drive more business to your photography business. Once you start utilizing it consistently, the results will speak for themselves with a little bit of study and practice.
Cris Mark Baroro is currently working in as a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist. He is a tech enthusiast who loves capturing photos and videos. He loves technology and can do video editing, programming, QA system testing, and writing.

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