The Moments Our Community Made

The Moments Our Community Made

This year, the Nations Photo Lab community made some incredible moments – from weddings to first babies, big vacations to the everyday.

We relived the biggest days of our lives.

“A little glimpse of one of the few spaces that is tidy in my house at the moment.” – @mypleasantplace

“I don’t have a ton of family pictures around our home. But I have started adding more here and there and I really love seeing our own photos as decorations in our home. I started with these wedding photos in our master bedroom. Now I’m working on a fun gallery wall somewhere in our home.” – @keystoinspiration

“This is us!!!! Me and my man on our wedding day” – @oursweetestplace

“Kicked off the week with some family time yesterday – parents came to visit along with other family members!” – @cubicle_chic

We traveled around the world.

“Dreaming of Bruges every night with this new print over our bed.” – @jessicabennettglotfelty

“Hanging this stunning piece was a dream and it looks amazing.” – @rustic_refined

“Canvas: acquired. Space to hang said canvas: nowhere to be found.” – @thechadstewart

We showed off our professional work.

“There is nothing like seeing your work appreciated in someone else’s home.” – @rhuds_

“My original plan was to make just one calendar for my mom, as her only request for Christmas was a calendar compiled entirely of my original photographs. Then I had some friends ask for one to… and the rest is history.” – @themeganelizabeth

“Incredibly excited to see my photos as big, beautiful prints for the first time. Almost ready for the gallery opening next weekend!” – @thekidera

“Today I received my first print from @nationsphotolab and I was seriously speechless. Some people might not think of photography as true art, but it really is. I took this photo, manipulated it in post. Painted it to match the reality I saw when I looked into the eyes of this lioness in the wild. And then I sent it off to be printed. Never been have I really thought of myself as a true artist or photographer, but seeing my work like this… holding and touching it. It really changed that. Tremendously more inspired to get out there and create. The world is a beautiful place. Can’t wait to keep exploring it.” – @shaybearmarie

“I have full face of makeup on, and this is the picture I picked. Anyway, I’m in love with this 16x20 print of my work through @nationsphotolab! No color correction needed.” – @moniminion

We watched our little ones grow.

“Told ya this pic was going in our nursery!” – @madrefuerte

“Sunny morning vibes from my son’s room!” – @fwmadebycarli

“We’ve made some progress on our transformation of our almost-5-year-old son’s room into a hyggeligt (cozy) shared bedroom for him and his baby brother.” – @lacasalaselva

“Documenting through writing and pictures has given me some of the sweetest memories to look back on. This past year has been the best!” – @melaniesollenberger

We created envy-inducing walls.

“I’m so excited for more light and a pop of color in the hallway.” – @adoredhouse

“Missed this” – @tobieornottobie

“As they say in the construction business… ‘nailed it!’” – @themindfuldentist

“I started decorating for Christmas nearly two weeks ago and sorta lost my mojo after finishing the main tree. Then my new art pieces to flank the fireplace came in from @NationsPhotoLab and now I’m motivated to finish!” – @monicabenavidez

“We made some changes today!” – @la_casa_chic

“You asked for it – so here it is: a before/after progress pic of my home office. The key word here is PROGRESS. It’s about 68% complete with crown, grasscloth, layered rug, etc to come.” – @sharanedorrah

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