Two photos displayed next to each other on the phone and in print

5 Options to Store and Display Your Prints

Nowadays, there are a ton of options for digitally storing your photos. You can manually back them up to an external hard drive, or you can automatically back them up to a cloud streaming service.

Still, as convenient as those services are, nothing compares to bringing your memories to life in Photo Prints. After all, iPhones may crack and turn dark, but our professional quality photo paper is made to last for generations.

Discover just how easy it is to organize, display, and store your Photo Prints for decades of enjoyment:

Photos organized in a folder on a phone

Start with digital organization.

Before you start printing, organize your photos digitally so you have an organized way to select your favorites. Tools like Google Photos and Dropbox offer free plans, but also have upgrade options for maximum storage.

How you organize is up to you! I start by sorting my photos in month and year albums (i.e. January 2019). Then, I create additional albums for special occasions, like weddings and bachelorette parties I’ve attended, as I often take hundreds of photos at those events.

Set a printing schedule.

Create a goal to print every month or every season, depending on how many pictures you take. It’s also helpful to periodically ‘favorite’ your photos in your native phone app so you remember which to print later!

For me, printing on a seasonal basis (at the end of winter, spring, summer, and fall) is just the right amount of time for a good amount of photos of various vacations, fun nights out in Baltimore with my friends, or a compilation of my favorite selfies.

Prints on wall in grid and hanging from shelf with twine

Add Prints to a wall display each month.

Have an empty wall you’re itching to fill? Start with a photo grid of your 4x6” Prints and affix with your favorite color of washi tape. It’s so easy to expand and add to as you print more! Plus, on-the-go printing is made easy with the Nations Photo Lab app.

Prints displayed in photo grid

Create a display that’s easy to switch up.

Are you, like me, a Gemini who can’t make up her mind? Try creating a Prints display that’s easy to switch out with new photos as often as you’d like! Grab some twine and binder clips for a display that you can set up along a shelf or wall. Or, buy a wall grid to hang on your wall, which you can clip Prints, invites, and more on.

Photo Prints in a clear, plastic storage box

Store hundreds in water-safe bins.

Take hundreds of photos? Why not create hundreds of Prints? Small Prints are easy to store in small, plastic bins like from Target or IRIS. Plus, the plastic case will protect Prints from the elements (like water damage).

What are your favorite ways to protect your display or store your Prints?

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