Help! I Can’t Choose Between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

Help! I Can’t Choose Between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

When designing new decor for your home, there are a lot of things to consider. What’s the size of my wall? What materials will showcase my decor best? What’s the overall vibe of my decor? Most importantly, which medium should I print my photos on?

Our Canvas Prints and Metal Prints are our most consistent top-sellers, so we’re often asked: how do I choose between Canvas and Metal? They’re both great choices for your home – it all just depends on your needs and personal tastes! Read on for key features of each to help you decide:

Canvas Prints standing up horizontally

All About Canvas

As a traditional form of wall decor dating back to the 14th century, our Canvas Prints never go out style. We use the same type of cotton canvas that you can see hanging in museums around the country – so you can transform the walls of your home into your own personal art galleries.

Since our Canvas Prints are either adhered to a solid wood block or stretched around a wood frame, they have a significant amount of weight to them – not too much that they’re impossible to hang or carry, but enough that it creates a noticeable impact on your walls.

Choose Between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

In terms of personal style, a gallery wall of Canvas Prints is something you’re more likely to see in the homes of your friends and neighbors. It has a timeless look, and any type of image of will visually look nice on Canvas. That means our Canvas works for both family portraits and travel photos!

To meet different needs, we now offer two types of Canvas styles: Classic and Premium. Classic Canvas is stretched around a hollow frame, creating a resilient, buoyant surface created tight, folded corners; Premium Canvas is stretched and adhered to a completely solid wood surface, featuring perfect, 90-degree corners. (Learn more about the two Canvas types here!)

Choosing Between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

When crafting your gallery wall, it’s important to think about how you’re going to hang it. Depending on the size of your Canvas, it’ll arrive affixed with a sawtooth hanger or a wire hanger. You don’t need to put together any hardware yourself; it arrives ready to hang!

Thinking you want to build a wall of Canvas in your home? It starts at $49.00 and is available in 14 sizes – from 5x5” to 30x40”.

Tabletop Metal Print on nightstand with easel

More On Metal

Printing on Metal is a newer type of decor to arrive on the printing scene. But, if there’s one thing about our Metal Prints, it’s this: you’re never going to find a more unique wall decor option. That’s due to its incredibly unique construction – Metal Prints are made by infusing specially formulated dyes onto paper, then using heat to infuse the ink into gas onto the surface of aluminum sheets.

This manufacturing process is great for three reasons. First, it’s what gives Metal its signature vibrance and high definition colors. Second, it makes your Metal decor resistant to both water and dust, which means our Metal Prints can work as outdoor signage or bathroom decor. (Learn more about some of Metal’s unique decor uses here!) Third, it creates a sturdy, sleek, and lightweight piece of decor for you to hang!

Metal Print hanging over coat rack

Another added bonus of our Metal Print’s construction is that the metal substrate used in production has tiny bumps and imperfections that make each piece truly unique. No one else you know will have a piece of decor like yours!

What pictures print best on Metal? Any image with a lot of color! It could be a portrait, a landscape, or an abstract image – anything that has color will result in a bright, vibrant, and high definition piece of decor.

Metal Print Standoff hanging in child's bedroom

As mentioned earlier, Metal Prints are the most lightweight wall decor option that we offer. When it comes to hanging, we have a variety of hardware. There’s a metal easel for your entryway tables, shelves, or desk. Or, we offer a black shadow mount, a float mount, and a standout mount for hanging on the walls. These hanging options give the illusion that your print is floating on the wall!

Convinced that Metal is the way to go? It starts as low as at $16.00 and is available in 17 sizes – from 4x4” to 24x36”.

No matter what you choose, our wall decor can transform your walls! Shop Canvas and Metal Prints today!

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