What You Need To Know About Metal

What You Need To Know About Metal

Looking for a piece of wall art that will really stand out? Our Metal Prints are truly the most unique wall decor option that we offer! By infusing your image onto real, raw aluminum, your finished print becomes a breathtakingly vibrant piece of decor with high definition colors and a luminescent appearance.

When it comes to hanging wall decor, many people aren’t quite sure what to think of printing on metal. This makes sense! It doesn’t have the traditional appeal that Canvas or Framed Prints do and it’s not often seen in our family and friends’ homes.

So, why would you choose Metal over Canvas or Frames? With Metal Prints, you have an opportunity to create decor that’s unique, sturdy, and brilliantly vibrant.

Not convinced? Here are some things you need to know about our Metal Prints:

Its construction is unique.

Our professionally-manufactured Metal Prints are created by infusing specially formulated dyes onto paper, then using heat to infuse the ink into gas onto the surface of aluminum sheets. This process is what gives Metal its signature vibrant and high definition colors.

Metal Print hanging in bathroom as waterproof decor

It’s waterproof.

That’s right – another byproduct of their construction process is that our Metal Prints are waterproof! That means you can use Metal as outdoor signage or to hang decor in your bathroom without any fear of mold or rusting.

Large Metal Print hanging on wall with floating mount feature

It’s the best medium for dramatic colors.

With the natural shine of Metal Prints, photographs with a lot of color look amazing on Metal. The colors end up being bright, vibrant, and high definition. In addition, blacks look extra striking and rich on Metal. Equally well-suited for portraits, landscapes and abstract images, Metal Prints allow your photo's vibrant colors to truly stand out.

Large Metal Print on shelf

It’s sturdy and sleek.

This isn’t your grandma’s wall decor – since your images are infused onto raw aluminum, our Metal Prints are incredibly durable and sturdy. Although the surface must be handled with care to avoid scratching, there’s nothing flimsy about the print itself. However, it’s still the lightest weight wall decor option when compared to Canvas or Frames!

Our Metal arrives ready to hang and is meant to be frameless, so there’s no extra bulk on your decor. The metal itself is 2mm thick and our hanging hardware options are meant to give your Metal Prints a floating look for your walls. Plus, it’s easily cleanable with a dust cloth or with glass cleaner and a clean rag.

It’s not just for traditional decor.

I previously mentioned that Metal Prints can serve as outdoor signage, but did you know that you can also write on them with a Sharpie marker or a paint pen? That means your Metal Print can be an alternative wedding guest book or a signing board for your graduation party.

Have a dry-erase marker? Then you can transform your Metal Print into a dry-erase board! Just pick a photo with a mostly clean space for writing, like blue skies or other dreamy landscapes.

No matter what, your Metal Prints are bound to become a statement piece in your home!

What are your favorite photos to put on Metal? Let us know in the comments!