5 Differences Between Our Premium and Classic Canvas

5 Differences Between Our Premium and Classic Canvas

At Nations Photo Lab, we’ve been printing your images on professional-grade Canvas since 2011. Ten years later, we’re revamping our Canvas line to bring you even more options for your gallery walls and home decor!

Now, there are two style options for your Canvas Prints: Classic (our new style) and Premium (the same style you’ve loved since 2011). Read on for more information about the differences between the two and how our canvas is made:

Different corner options for Canvas Prints

Materials and Framework

Both Classic and Premium Canvas use the same traditional, museum-grade, cotton canvas to print your images on. The biggest difference here lies in the frame and base: Classic Canvas is stretched around a hollow frame, creating a resilient, buoyant surface, whereas Premium Canvas is stretched and adhered to a completely solid wood surface.

There are some slight differences in the corners of our canvas wraps as well. Our Classic Canvas features tight corners; our Premium Canvas features perfect, 90-degree corners.

Back of two Canvas Print options

Size and Depths

Generally, our Canvas Prints are available in 14 sizes from 8x10” to 30x40”. Additionally, our Premium Canvas is available in sets of three 5x5”s. Each size is available in two depths – 0.75" and 1.5" – with the exception of our 5x5” sets which are only available in 0.75” depth.

Right now, our Classic Canvas is not available in the 24x36” and 30x40” sizes, but will be soon – and we’ll alert you when that launches!

Display and Longevity

Once your image is printed on our archival-quality Canvas, it’s laminated with a protective, UV coating to keep it looking beautiful for decades to come. Both types of our Canvas Prints arrive ready to hang, with a sleek, black backing, protective wall bumpers, and a pre-installed hanger: either a wire hanger or sawtooth hanger. Plus, Canvas Prints can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Canvas Prints standing up vertically

In-Lab Production

Because of the differences in manufacturing, the Classic and Premium Canvas have different in-lab production times. Need your Canvas fast? Our Classic Canvas typically takes only 2-3 business days to create in our lab, whereas our Premium Canvas generally takes 10 business days to print.


Our Classic Canvas starts at just $49 – making it the best deal we’ve had on Canvas yet. Our Premium Canvas, a more professional-grade Canvas, starts at $58. Plus, every piece of Canvas decor qualifies for free Color Corrections if you’d like to add that on. (Learn more about Color Corrections here!)

Remember: all of our Canvas is constructed by hand to transform the walls of your home, office, or studio into your very own art gallery. Refresh your walls and shop Canvas today!

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