Canvas Print and Framed Print sitting on dresser in bedroom

The Best Wall Decor for Each Room In Your House

When redesigning or refreshing your home decor, there’s a lot of pressure to get everything just right. We get a lot of questions about which wall decor is right for your space, so read on for the best type of wall decor for each room in your house.

Canvas gallery wall over tabletop

Kitchen: Canvas Prints! Our Canvas is printed on museum-grade cotton canvas that is protected with a UV coating. Because of this, it’s easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. So, even if you’re accidentally flinging pasta sauce across the room, it’s not damaging to your decor!

Bathroom: Metal Prints! Using dyes to infuse your image onto raw aluminum makes our Metal Prints resistant to both dust and water. There’s no need to worry about your decor rusting or reacting to humidity from a steamy shower when you print on Metal!

Bedroom: Framed Prints! They’re wall decor with a classic feel. Plus, it’s easy to switch out family photos as your family grows.

Entryway: Gallery Blocks! This type of decor is relatively inexpensive (starting at just $25.99), plus, they’re available in sets of 3 5x5”s or 3 6x6”s for the perfect styling trio. These blocks are perfect for those seasonal decorative touches in your entryway and on your shelves. Take a look at our recommended shelving tips to make sure you're enhancing your space in the best way possible!

Living Room: Framed Prints! Our frames will never go out of style – plus, if you like to fill your bedroom with modern art versus photo decor, your art will look best when printed in a frame.

Office: Acrylic Blocks! With 5x7” or 8x8” options, Acrylic Blocks are the perfect decor that can sit sturdily right on your desk or shelves. Highlight a photo from a recent trip that you can stare dreamily at while you work.

Playroom/Nursery: Mounted Prints! We have a few options for mounting, and they’re all pretty lightweight – so you never have to worry about your little ones and a fallen Mounted Print. (Click here to read more specifics about our different Mounting offerings.)

What decor do you have in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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