Compare Photo Mounts

Your photos belong on display. Choose from one of our six Mounting options and watch your pictures transform into high-end art.

Why choose photo mounting?

Create sturdy signage for your events, like welcome signs at your wedding, signing boards at your grad party, and whatever else you’d like to celebrate!
Ensure your Prints in frames stay put! By mounting your photos before framing, you won’t see any warping or unevenness. (FYI: our professionally-mounted Framed Prints are mounted with Foamcore.)
Decorating a nursery? Mounting is sturdy and lightweight ? so you never have to worry about where you place your decor in your little one’s room!
If you’re currently renting your home, try Mounting! It’s lightweight enough so you can hang with picture-hanging strips and easy enough to transport if you move.
Can't make up your mind about decor? Mounted Prints are an inexpensive alternative to traditional wall decor, so you can mix, match, and replace as you please!
Styrene Single-Weight Matboard Double-Weight Matboard Foamcore Gatorboard Standout
Thickness 2mm 1/16" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" or 1/2" 3/4"
Color Black White White White Black White or Black
Numbers of Sizes 44 55 55 55 57 6
Arrives ready to hang? No No No No Yes Yes
Framing Recommended? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Warp resistant? 16x20" & smaller No No 16x20" & smaller Yes Yes

At Nations Photo Lab, we offer six types of Mounting for all of your photo needs: Styrene, an extremely rigid, black plastic material; Single-Weight or Double-Weight Matboard, a lightweight, high-end cardboard material that is resistant to wrinkling; Foamcore, a lightweight yet durable polystyrene with a white foam edging; Gatorboard, compressed, black Foamcore which adds extra durability; and Standout, lightweight and easy to hang that’s finished with a high-grade textured edge.

Not sure what type of Mounting to purchase? Compare all of our mounting options to get a sense of what each Mounting type is right for your home, your office, or for presentation.