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Due to the spread of coronavirus, the United States is suffering from an extreme shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our healthcare workers who are on the frontlines. We at Nations Photo Lab realized that we can make an impact on the effort to defeat covid-19 by repurposing our photo facility and mass manufacturing face shields to distribute to hospitals around the country.

We have one of nation’s largest fleets of machinery capable of cutting the necessary materials for face shields, as well as an expertly trained staff of over 250. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we are committed to doing everything we can to support those who are risking their lives for us, and who are desperate to protect themselves so they can continue to care for American people.

For the past sixteen years we have had a lot of fun and success helping to keep memories alive through high quality photo printing. Today we are joining the effort to combat covid-19. Please remember we are all in this together, this will eventually pass. Thank you to our Healthcare workers who are risking so much for the rest of us.

– Ryan J. Millman, CEO

If you’re a hospital looking for medical face shields, let us know and we’ll do our best to get them to you. We’re also looking for supplies so we can get more masks in the hands of more hospital workers. (Click here for our exact needs.)

We’re only one company, but we can do our part. Together, we can get through this and make a difference.

Thank you – so much – for being a part of the NPL community.

What materials are used?

We are using .03 PETG plastic, cushion foam and elastic

Are your face shields being donated or sold?

Nations Photo Lab retooled our factory to donate $100,000 in face shields. We are selecting the organizations in the most dire need. Since our announcement the demand for this product has been overwhelming and more than we are able to donate. In order to meet that additional need we need to charge a fee to cover our costs and purchase more materials to make more shields.

How much are the shields?

The price will be based on our costs which are changing based on who we are sourcing from. We are sourcing materials from all over the world that are in very limited supply. We are also overnighting these raw materials to manufacture and assemble around the clock. If you are not receiving donated shields from us we are happy to provide you a price.