From Photos to Face Masks for Small Businesses

Do you know a deserving small business?
Here is how to nominate

  • Confirm PPE is needed with your small business.
  • Receive approval from the business owner or primary
    decision maker for the donation.
  • Complete nomination form.

Protect yourself and the small businesses you support by donating PPE face masks.

As a small business, we empathize with other small businesses that are being impacted by COVID-19. We want to do anything we can to support pro photographers and local businesses as the country begins to reopen. As a continuation of our PPE donations, we created the Nations PPE Project, which focuses on providing small businesses with face mask donations to help them resume business in the coming months. Through this initiative, we will be donating more than $200,000 in non-medical PPE masks to small businesses local to our headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and across the country.

Show you care. Your donation makes a difference by:

  • Providing safe working conditions for small businesses
  • Enabling small businesses to open their doors and reemploy their team
  • Encouraging healthy + safe conditions for workers and customers

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we shifted our business model and began to also produce, fulfill, and ship critically-needed PPE materials around the world. So far, we have donated $100,000 worth of Face Shields to more than 100 healthcare facilities across the country. Read up on what we’ve been doing to support frontline workers and our healthcare community here.

Who qualifies for a donation?
  • Who should you nominate? Look at the businesses helping our local community — small businesses that employ our neighbors, assist in economic relief efforts, offer a unique service to the community, et cetera.
  • 75% of our donations will be reserved for small businesses local to our headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Nominees must be a small business or organization in need of PPE masks. Businesses can include (but are not limited to):
    • Photography Studios
    • Local Restaurants
    • Dry Cleaners
    • Daycare Centers
    • Bakeries
    • Hair Salons / Barber Shops
    • Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.
  • Please note: A primary contact name, number, and email address must be provided for confirmation and delivery of donation.
How do I nominate a small business or organization?
  • Confirm the need of KN95 or 3PLY PPE with the primary contact of the small business or organization you’d like to nominate.
  • Submit the nomination form here.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you and the organization once we’ve reviewed and made a decision regarding your nomination.
What are the materials being used?
  • KN95 masks are made up of an inner and outer layer: polypropylene non-woven fabric, filter layer and an electrostatic melt blown cloth.
  • 3Ply masks are made of a breathable, cotton material.
How many masks are available for donation?
  • We're donating KN95 and 3PLY masks with a retail value of $200,000.
  • Donations come in boxes of 50.
  • Limited to one donation per person.
How can I check the status of a donation request?

If you would like an update on the status of your nomination, or to cancel your request, please email

Can I buy my own Face Masks from Nations Photo Lab?

We're excited to be able to continue offering PPE Face Shields, Gowns and more through our new company, PPEUSA. To learn more about the products we offer and to place an order visit for additional information.

Donations In Use: