World Photo Day Contest

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World Photo Day is Sunday, August 19, and this year at Nations Photo Lab, we celebrated with a contest – we asked YOU to send your favorite photos and tell us why they're so special. We poured over hundreds of submissions, and have made a decision! Read on to see our winner, as well as five runner-ups.

Our Winner: Nicholas S., Georgia

"On a cold January night, a small group of tourists (including myself) set off from the city of Tromsø, Norway to try and see the Northern Lights for the first time. An hour bus trip, the tour guide pulled off at a location which had a clear view of the sky, rather rare that time of the year. After setting up a fire and eating some snacks, we waited around to see if the auroras would appear. Needless to say, we were graced by an exciting show that night as a result of a strong solar storm. This is my favorite picture from my trip because it captures the beauty of one of nature's seven wonders, and the awe by everyone who has the opportunity to see it."

Runner Up: Erin M., Washington, D.C.

"This was only my second paid professional shoot and I had this bright idea just prior to wrapping the shoot. I was literally trembling. I had a vision but I knew I could get it wrong and instead it ended up being such a moment which was so appropriate considering the occasion. I was standing above her on a platform but I just love the authenticity, the light, the depth."

Runner Up: Wendy A., Massachusetts

"This photo was taken in July 2018 in Lubec, Maine. West Quoddy Light is one of my favorite lighthouses. Something about lighthouses always makes me emotional. I was so thrilled to be able to capture the Milky Way shining over the light."

Runner Up: Marcus O., California

"Zoë is 26 weeks old here, born 3 months prematurely on April 13, 2018. Her footprint is about 1 1/2 inch, so small it's translucent. She likes to flail, so it was rare to find her neatly tucked in at any given time. This energy is what we feel helped her through a 3 months hospital stay, and made for this cute picture to share; hiding most of the scary tubes and pipes the doctors installed. Today, Zoë is home and a healthy, happy baby!"

Runner Up: Katherine B., Michigan

"I live in the best place in the world (in my honest opinion!) and I get to photograph it in all of its moods and complexities. This is on Torch Lake in Northern Michigan."

Runner Up: Jayna W., Ohio

"Space in this raccoon family's tree is at a premium, so these two are keeping cool in the summer heat by hanging out the window for a snooze."

Thank you all for submitting to our World Photo Day contest! We loved seeing all of your beautiful images.

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