Enter Our World Photo Day contest

Enter Our #WorldPhotoDay Contest

World Photo Day is coming up on Sunday, August 19, and, at Nations, we’re marking the day with a photo contest. Before we get into those details, here are three of our favorite snaps from modern photographers:

Claude Nori

French photographer Claude Nori gives me a serious case of FOMO in his series An Italian Summer. Each photo – especially the one above – makes me want to drop everything, leave town, and never come back. (Hopefully my boss isn’t reading this…) This series perfectly encapsulates la dolce vita – “the sweet life” – with its bright colors, sun-kissed subjects, and, of course, the dreamy setting.

Sally Mann

Sally Mann has a special talent for photographing the complexity of childhood. Here in Easter Dress, Mann photographs her three young children, Emmett, Jessie, and Virginia, at their farm near Lexington, Virginia. Notice how it’s not the quintessential portrait of children; rather, only one child is the focal point. There’s a certain beauty in celebrating the imperfections and quirks of raising children!

Todd Hido

Dark yet hyper-real, Todd Hido’s photos capture light in the darkness in an unbelievable way. In this photo, Hido takes an ordinary scene and uses its natural setting – being illuminated by light from an adjacent highway – to evoke emotion. There’s a sense of warmth – from the light within the home – as well as one of isolation and loneliness that comes from being on the outside.

Now, it’s your turn to impress me.

Want to enter our #WorldPhotoDay Contest? It’s easy — send us a photo (one that you took; no passing off another’s work, please!) and tell us why it means so much to you. One winner will be selected and he or she will receive $100 to spend on all of your favorite photo products. Application is below!

So, what are you waiting for? Our #WorldPhotoDay contest ends Sunday, August 12 at midnight!

Nation Photo Lab's #WorldPhotoDay Contest

Credit for all imagery in this post belongs to the photographer.

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