When to Send Graduation Announcements

When to Send Graduation Announcements

We love helping you celebrate milestones, especially graduations. With the right planning, this exciting time can be remembered forever, even by those who might have to support from afar. To help keep you on track as you plan ahead of the big day, we put together a little timeline for when to send graduation announcements with enough time to spare. Browse our list below and explore our site for some extra ideas on how to celebrate the proud grad!

August - February: Get your photos taken.

Many Senior Photos may be taken between August to December of the graduating school year, but we highly suggest making sure your photos, or any extra photos that you’d like to include on your announcement, are done by February. You’ll probably want to start sending your Graduation Announcements as early as March, so getting those pictures done in time will be important.

March: Create your announcements, gather addresses, & start sending.

We know March may seem a bit early to worry about graduation announcements, but trust us on this one! It will take some time to pull together the addresses for everyone you’d like to send to and to make a final decision on your design. To make it easier, check out our personalized Graduation Announcements templates to get started. This might be the most ideal time to send your announcements to give plenty of time for family and friends to make any travel plans, as well.

April: Send your cards & order your Graduation Gifts.

Since some graduations are between the end of May and early June, April is a great time to send your announcements and also a great time to select what else to print these memorable photos on. Check out our Graduation Gifts for options like Graduation Photo Books, Photo Mugs or Wall Decor to share with friends and family so they can remember this milestone for years to come.

May - June: Keep sending your cards.

This would probably be the latest we’d recommend sending announcements for a Spring graduation, especially if the graduation is in May! But depending on whether graduation lands in May or June, mailing your Graduation Announcements at the beginning of May is probably a good idea to make sure they get to everyone in time before the big day.

But even if you’re a little late to sending your announcements before the big day, you should still send them! There’s nothing like keeping your friends and family in the loop about your family’s big achievements and giving them something that reminds them to call up and say ‘congrats’ or hang on their fridge.

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