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What To Do With Your Back To School Photos

Summer is coming to a close and it's back to school for the kids! It’s also the one time of year your children might not give you a hard time about smiling for a photo for you, so take advantage. These special milestone photos deserve more than just their spot on your Instagram feed, check out our 5 best ideas for what to do with back to school photos.

1. Grandparents Day Gift

Grandparents day is right around the corner from the start of each school year. Print your first day of school photos and put them in a frame or on a mug for Grandparent's Day! No one will cherish these milestone images each year more and it will be so fun to look back on how much they’ve grown each year on a gift that will be cherished forever.

2. Photo Collage

Save the first day photos for each of your kids throughout the years digitally and once they are high school seniors order a collage print so the pictures can live in one place. This idea is simple but will make the perfect framed photo on your wall as you become empty nesters! Hang one for each kid and let your family and friends admire how much they have grown as they enter your home.

3. Teachers Gifts

Turn your back to school photo into the perfect end-of-the-year teacher's gift! Print out the photo from the first day and attach it to a popsicle stick, stick it into a plant with a cute card to the teacher from your child saying “Thank you for helping me grow!” if you are feeling extra generous add a $5 gift card for a coffee or a reusable insulated water bottle they can keep at their desk.

4. Buzz Books

Collect 40 images from the morning of every first day K-12 and create a yearly Buzz Book. Include the early morning breakfast, the backpacks, and pets too! Don’t forget to get in the photos too, whether you have to set up a small tripod or use self-timer it will be so fun to look back on these photo books every year!

5. Make a graduation gift

Take the opportunity to get a head start on a sentimental graduation gift for your kids. Print out their first day of school photos each year and write a letter to your child on the back of the print. Include their interests, wishes, and hopes for them, and your favorite thing about them at that moment in time. Store these photos in a memory box or photo storage box and then give it to them for their high school graduation.

What do you do with your back to school photos?

Thanks to The Everymom for the use of their image in this post.

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