5 Photography Trends To Watch for in 2023

5 Photography Trends To Watch for in 2023

Wether you’re a pro or just a hobbyist, all photo-lovers can agree it's so important to keep your skills fresh! We love seeing how photography changes throughout the years and we're so excited to bring you 5 trends to watch for in 2023.

hot air balloons on film

1. Film Photography

Film photography had a major moment in 2022 and we think it will be even bigger this year. The nostalgia from the grains and light leak photography style are so fun to play around with and can give your subjects an entirely different look. If you aren't shooting on a real film camera, almost all photo editing apps have setting to add this trendy style.

2. Simplicity

Weather this is for product photography or weddings, simplicity in photos is a trend we will be watching all year long. From tone on tone product shots to minimal backdrops for wedding photos, simply yet timeless photos will be everywhere this year.

iphone photography

3. Smartphone Photography

As smart phone camera quality advances more and more so does its increase in popularity. Although this trend has been on the rise the past few years, it's certainly not going anywhere in 2023. Photographers everywhere are becoming more and more skilled with their phone photography and there are even large brands shooting on the hand-held devices to give a more approachable look to their campaigns.

4. No Filter

Post-production edits will always be important and can take a photo from good to great! However, long gone are the days of over saturated and over filtered photos. Not only are photographers looking to perfect their craft so less edits need to be made, but were seeing the trend shift towards small adjustments to exposure and contrast.

self portrait photography

5. Self-Portrait Photography

Selfies got a bad wrap after they were majorly overdone in years past. Professional photographers and hobbyists are here to give the selfie the update it desperately needed and dare we even say have it trending again? Self-portrait photography is a huge trend this year and photographers are getting more comfortable infront of their own cameras which we love to see.

What photography trends are you loving right now?

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