Photo Product Guide: Back-to-School

Photo Product Guide: Back-to-School

It's that time of year again! To celebrate the starting of classes once again, we put together the ultimate guide to heading back to school in style. Plus, we even added a bonus DIY project for a fun activity that has a practical purpose.

Whether your school year is in-person or online, you can still spruce up your learning environment with some custom goods. Check out our recs:

photo product guide for back-to-school


Send your college student a personalized metal keychain to add to his or her dorm room key! Keychains are available in two sizes: 2.25x2.25" and 1.125x3".

Senior Rep Cards

Make sure your senior has his or her very own rep cards to trade with their friends. These 2x3.5" premium quality press cards come in packs of 50, so you'll have plenty to share with the family, too!

back-to-school photo product recommendations

USB Drives

Store your hard work on your personalized USB Drive! Available in two capacities - 8GB and 16GB - and four chic styles: Premium Acrylic, Contemporary Wood, Classic Wood, and Contemporary Metal.

guide to photo products for back-to-school

Luggage Tags

Doing fall sports? Your gym bag could use some personalization! Set yours apart from the rest with a durable metal luggage tag.


Add some style to your textbooks this year by marking your page with custom press printed bookmarks. Bookmarks are available in a linen, pearl, or semi-gloss finish.

back-to-school photography product suggestions

Flip Calendars

Mark down important dates like exams, sports games, and projects on a personalized photo calendar that holds your favorite images! You have the option to start your calendar from any month you choose, so why wait until January?

Bonus DIY!

For a fun, personalized gift for the student in your life, order a metallic print featuring one or more of your favorite images. When ordering, set the opacity of the image very low. Once it arrives, you can either frame or mount the print (with no glass necessary!) and use it as your very own, custom dry erase board!

What's your favorite Back-to-School product? Snap a photo and share it on your Instagram feed with the hashtag #NationsPhotoLab!

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