How to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Tent for Intimate Elegance

How to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Tent for Intimate Elegance

Envision the moment you say “I do” against a canvas of rich red and coral as the sun sinks into a fire-colored sky. Close your eyes and picture sharing a champagne toast with those you cherish most as a twinkle of fireflies catches your eye. The magnificent elegance of an intimate outdoor wedding is truly unmatched.

Whether your big day is in a meadow of fragrant wildflowers or the yard of your beloved childhood home, intimate outdoor ceremonies are as exceptional as any indoor celebration with the right attention to decor. Also, hosting an intimate affair will allow your budget to extend further where luxurious decorating is concerned, so you can splurge on items you really desire to complete the look you want!

Check out some of our favorite design concepts for an intimate and elegant outdoor wedding:

decorate outdoor wedding tent

Cozy Chic

When it comes to weddings, pairing a cozy ambiance with high-end decor is the perfect paradox. Outfit your wedding tent with intimacy by softening the hard edges of tables, chairs, and flat surfaces with luxe, draping fabrics. In an article about chic wedding ideas, BBJ Linen recommends that designers rely on mood rather than color when creating a chic aesthetic, so select your color palette based on the mood you wish to convey.

Consider arranging lounge areas for guests apart from traditional tables by using smartly-designed furniture adorned with luxurious velvet or cashmere throws. The intimacy of the smaller areas, coupled with lavish fabrics will pull together the look of your outdoor tent for a high-end yet cozy vibe.

outdoor wedding tent decor ideas

Nautical Grandeur

A crisp, white tent perched next to gently lapping waves is the picture-perfect setting for an exquisite maritime celebration. Drape tables and chairs in deep sapphire fabric as a formal touch that pairs well with the sand and sea. Consider featuring a welcome sign with your favorite seaside photograph to greet guests as they arrive. Adorn tables with glittering gold chargers as well as tight, white floral bouquets. Consider metallic lanterns intertwined with nautical rope for additional light or as table decor for dynamic texture.

No seaside venue near you? No problem. This concept travels well from the country club to any backyard oasis.

Modern Minimalist

Whether your celebration takes place on a lush golf course or at a posh vineyard, modern minimalist decor is the embodiment of sophistication. According to Snake Oil Cocktail, simplicity without sacrificing style is the foundation of minimalism. Begin with a fresh, monochromatic color palate to maintain cohesion throughout your space. Follow up with clean lines, minimal fabric and negative space. Together, these details will create a wonderfully contemporary and elegant design.

intimate elegance in tent decor

From the sandy shores of the coast to the limitless skies of the prairie, the ideal outdoor setting for an intimate and elegant wedding can be found anywhere. Small details found within the design can pull together the elegant outdoor wedding tent of your dreams!

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