Favorite Photos From Our Professional Photographers

Do you have a favorite photo you've ever taken? We tasked our community of professional photographers with the difficult challenge of selecting theirs. Lucky for us, they graciously accepted and were so excited to be sharing some with you. Check out the favorite photos taken by a few of our favorite professional photographers.

1. Brigitta Canfield

mom and kid on the baby "This is my favorite shot because it captures the rawness of motherhood. I love the way Jen's dress is blowing in the wind, and the way she is taking in this moment with her only baby boy before welcoming another little one to their family. You can see the emotions written on her face. Motherhood shots are often my favorite because we are almost always the ones taking the photos, and I know how special it is to freeze these moments in time for mamas."

2. Ashley Vanley

baby boy
"A recent favorite photo is of my son Liam James. The photo shoot occasion was his 4th birthday. I wanted to remember him at this sweet age. I love his laugh captured in this image and the colorful building in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota."

3. Brittany Dunbar

first look wedding
"This couple didn't originally plan on doing a first look, but I'm so glad they did! The minute Chris saw Breauna he completely lost it. I love this image so much because of the real, raw emotion that radiates from it. What gets me the most is the way Breauna embraced her partner to comfort him, while she had tears streaming down her face as well. It embodies what marriage is all about; always supporting each other no matter what."

4. Rebecca Bond

mom with daugthers on beach
"It’s very rare that us mothers get images of ourselves playing with our children. This mother’s face radiates love and joy. Just by looking at the image, you feel it. That’s what I love about it the most."

5. Alicia Wiley

"Diana and Tom had an intimate ceremony on the rooftop of the Line Hotel. Just before dinner Diana did an impromptu bouquet toss with her sister in law. It was a unexpected capture of their fun they were having in front of a beautiful landscape shot of DC."

6. TheNYdoulatog

home birth
"This is my favorite image because it shows the emotions that go along with birth & finding out the sex of your baby for the first time after waiting months & months to know. It captures the shock, pride and joy all in one."
Share your favorite photos you've ever taken with us in the comments!

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