What To Do With Your Newborn Photos

What To Do With Your Newborn Photos

Your little bundle is here and you have perfectly captured the tiny fingers, toes and baby yawns at your newborn photoshoot. It’s such a special time filled with so much love, emotion and sleepless nights but what do you do with those photos? We've got you covered!

Birth Announcement

birth announcement

Let your family and friends know your little angel is here with a custom Birth Announcement! Include their full name, birthday, weight, and height with a sweet note from the happy family.

Prints for the baby book.

Fill the pages of your baby book with 4x4'' Square Prints from your newborn shoot. Use double-sided tape to reinforce the photos into a book your family will cherish forever. Set a reminder to work on the book a few minutes per month so you can properly mark all your baby's milestones and memories.

Create a Calendar

Unfortunately, pregnancy brain doesn’t end when your baby is born. Now that you are parents, your calendars are about to be full and there's no better way to keep track of your year than a Photo Calendar. Customize yours with birthdays, anniversaries. and other important dates throughout the year to make sure you don't miss a beat!

Buzz Books for the grandparents!

babies with photo books

Create a keepsake memory for the grandparents that is as affordable as it is special. These unique 6x6'' softcover Photo Books can be filled with 40 images from your gallery and make the perfect gift to share your favorite images with your little one's biggest fans!

Create a gallery wall.

These precious moments are fleeting and they deserve a permanent spot on the wall. Create a gallery of Frames with your newborn photos in an open space of your home. As your baby grows, it will be so special to see such a sweet time displayed on the wall.

Share your online gallery.

Newborns are fragile and during these times its especially important to keep them home, safe, and away from potential germs. Make sure to share your online gallery via email with friends and family! They are likely so excited to meet your baby when it's safe, but the images from your shoot can certainly tie them over in the meantime.

Add a small print to your thank you notes!

What To Do With Newborn Photos

If your family and friends showered you with gifts for the arrival of your baby, include a 4x6'' Print or a Wallet Print of your new bundle in your thank you notes. Your loved ones will be so excited to proudly display your little one on the fridge!

What will you do with your newborn photos?

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