6 Reasons to Take Professional Photos on Your Family Vacation

6 Reasons to Take Professional Photos on Your Family Vacation

By Harvis Kramer, President of NPL

Going on a family vacation is an exciting time for everyone. Whether you’re relaxing on a beach, exploring a new city, or taking in the natural beauty of a national park, vacations provide an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. As the President of NPL (National Photo Lab), I often speak with professional photographers about their favorite tips to having a successful photo shoot. Based on that feedback and my own experience, I'd like to share why taking professional family photos on a vacation is a fantastic idea. When my family and I went to Florida in April, we decided to take professional family photos with Paula Massoni, a professional photographer in the South Florida area. It was a wonderful experience that allowed us to preserve our vacation memories in a beautiful and personal way. We did the shoot around the property of the hotel we were staying at, creating a fun and memorable time for the whole family. To ensure it was fun for everyone (without toddler meltdowns), we gave our 4-year-old a little purple camera, so she could join in as a "photographer" too!

Here are 6 reasons why taking professional family photos on a vacation is an excellent choice.

Everyone is relaxed and happy

Vacations are a time to unwind and let go of stress. When you're on vacation, you're more likely to be happy and relaxed, which naturally leads to better photos. We purposely scheduled our photo session on the fourth day of our vacation, ensuring that we were at our most relaxed and had a warm glow on our faces. We also picked a time that was convenient for nap schedules and armed ourselves with lots of snacks, again hoping to minimize the toddler meltdowns.

Take advantage of the beautiful backdrops

Going to work everyday at a photo lab, you get to see photos being printed of some of the most stunning places all over the world. Vacation destinations often provide stunning backdrops for photos. Whether it's a breathtaking beach, a picturesque cityscape, or a serene national park, the backdrop of your vacation can add a special touch to your family photos. During our session, we embraced the beauty of the hotel's surroundings, capturing the essence of our vacation in each shot.

It can be a memorable activity for the whole family

Transforming your family photo shoot into a fun activity creates lasting memories and enhances the overall experience. For instance, you might consider creating some fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt around the hotel property, just as we did with our kids. However, pro tip: avoid hiding candy that melts when in Florida! By engaging everyone, the photo shoot becomes a bonding experience, resulting in stunning photos that encapsulate the joy and togetherness of your vacation.

Try something new on vacation

While on vacation, seize the opportunity to collaborate with a photographer who brings a fresh style or unique perspective. This presents an exciting chance to try something new and obtain extraordinary family photos that reflect the spirit of your vacation. This might be what you wear, the color profile/tone of the photos, or your poses. I have seen vacation family photo shoots of families dressed as superheroes, reenacting movie and TV scenes, and more.

Support local photographers

By hiring a local photographer, you not only create beautiful memories for your family but also contribute to the local community and support photographers. As the President of NPL, I deeply appreciate the artistry and dedication of professional photographers. By engaging their services while on vacation, you help support the pro photographer community, who were dramatically impacted by the pandemic (no events = no photo work).

They make exceptional gifts

Professional photos taken on vacation serve as cherished reminders of the special moments you shared as a family. Moreover, they make exceptional gifts for occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, or any other special event. These photos can be beautifully showcased on some of my favorite NPL products, such as our Canvas Prints or Metal Prints. Can’t decide on your favorite photo? Try a multi image node product like our Wood Photo Cube. They add a touch of personalization and elevate the visual impact of your precious memories. If you're contemplating taking professional family photos on your next vacation, consider the numerous benefits. You'll have an incredible time, forge lasting memories, and acquire stunning photos to share with your loved ones. Moreover, you'll be supporting local photographers and small businesses, contributing to the growth and vitality of the photography community. I encourage you to seize the opportunity and capture the magic of your vacation through professional family photos.
Do you like to take professional photos on vacation? If so, let us know!

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