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11 Photo Techniques to Try in 2022

Need some ideas for your 2022 photography resolutions? Check out these 11 techniques, gadgets, and projects to try in the new year!

1. Refresh your skills with a class.

No matter how long you’ve been a photographer, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your editing techniques or the way you manipulate lighting. Take a class online – like on Udemy, CreativeLive, or MasterClass – or join a local Meetup and connect with other photographers in your area.

Smartphone sits in grass with Moment phone camera lens on it

2. Spice up your lens collection.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a less than traditional lens – like the Lensbaby Spark for your DSLR or the Anamorphic Lens from Moment for your phone. With an avant-garde lens, you can get really creative and have some fun!

3. Explore new heights and angles.

Use a tripod, like the GorillaPod, to attach your camera to some different items – you’ll be able to capture images in completely new angles!

Photographer takes self-portrait in passenger side mirror in moving car

4. Start a self-portrait project.

You may think smartphones have popularized the self-portrait, but I like to think it dates back to when royalty was sitting for hours on end getting their portrait done. Be your own Vivian Maier, reinvent what a self-portrait means to you, and start your very own series.

5. Save time on your editing.

We all have our preferred editing features – but you can save even more time with an editing keyboard cover. No more hunting for your favorite shortcuts!

6. Try editing on the go.

You don’t have to be attached to your desktop to edit your photos. Now, you can even do advanced editing on your tablet through apps like Affinity Pro.

Double exposed photo on young man in field

7. Experiment with double exposure.

Use your editing chops and experiment with an old film favorite – double exposure. For the beginner, download an app like Fused; if you’re advanced, you can accomplish this in Photoshop.

8. Sell your editing presets.

If you’re a preset mastermind, you can start a side hustle and sell your presets to amateur photographers who may need a little extra help finding their desired look.

Group of photographers taking pictures of an alley

9. Host a photo walk.

Want to make new photographer friends and get some really great shots? Host a photo walk in your city or town! You’ll get to know people with the same interests, discover some great new locations, and even learn new techniques and skills to practice on your own. It’s a win-win-win.

Monthly Buzz Books soft cover photo books stacked

10. Make printing a monthly habit.

Don’t wait around for your photos to print themselves – set a goal of printing your favorite photos every month. You could print your most breathtaking pictures in 8x10” sets or 40 of your favorites with monthly Buzz Books.

11. Pick a partner.

This year, ask another photographer friend to act as a "mentor" to you (and vice versa, if they're down!). This person can be your go-to for brainstorming new photo locations or critiquing your latest session. Having a partner who can give feedback on your work will only make you a better photographer!

What are you most excited to create in 2022?

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