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How to Wrap Up Your Year in Photos

Although 2021 is behind us, the memories and moments we captured deserve to live on. Whether you have a system that works for you or are looking to create one, we are sharing our best tips and ideas for wrapping up your year in photos.

1. Create a Family Yearbook.

family yearbook

What better way to wrap up your year than to create a Family Yearbook? We love the idea of making this a family tradition at the beginning of each new year to reflecting on the year prior. Take a night and sift through the moments and put them in a book with dates and any special memories you want to live on forever.

2. Print each month!

If you are more of a Prints person, go through your memory cards and camera roll and pick out your favorite moments from each month to print. Grab a photo storage box, old shoebox, or even a Tupperware container to place your prints inside. Make sure you label the box with the year and any big moments.

3. Make a collage.

collage print

If you are more of a minimalist and following Marie Kondo's methods through the new year, Collage Prints are a great way to wrap up your year in one organized place. Pick your favorite moments from the year and dedicate a special place in your home for these all-inclusive photo prints. We love the idea of lining a hallway or filling a bonus room with the Collage Prints you make throughout the years.

4. Tell your story in a Buzz Book!

photo books on shelf

Every year has a story worth being told. Fill up the pages of a Buzz Book for every month or even every season. Select a custom cover, 40 photos, and then display your fun-sized books on a shelf or coffee table for friends and family to look through when they visit.

5. Highlight a memory every month.

Pick out your favorite photo from each month of 2021 – then, create a Flip or Desk Calendar using those images! Calendars are so easy to create, you can even grab one for the whole family. Seeing a new photo each month will spotlight a precious memory. Now, you'll be able to stay organized so you won't ever forget a date again!

6. Get organized!

If wrapping up 2021 seems like a daunting task, get a head start on next year! Create albums in your camera roll each month, back up your photos to cloud storage or an external hard drive, and make sure you have enough memory to last for your next year in photos.

How do you document your year in photos? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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