How to Use Photo Mounting in Your Decor

How to Use Photo Mounting in Your Decor

At Nations Photo Lab, obviously we’re big fans of taking the photos on our phones and transforming them into tangible keepsakes. Some of our customers print each month filling shoe boxes with all of their memories; others refresh their walls with decor whenever the mood strikes them.

Our options for Photo Prints don’t stop at just size, paper type, and finish — you can also transform your prints into high-end pieces of art by getting them mounted.

how to use photo mounting in your decor

Types of Mounting

Currently, we offer six types of Mounting for our Photo Prints: Styrene, a rigid, black plastic; Single-Weight and Double-Weight Matboard, a high-end cardboard that’s lightweight and resistant to wrinkling; Foamcore, a lightweight and durable mount with a white foam edging; Gatorboard, a compressed, black foam that adds durability to your Print; and Standout, a dimensional mount that’s perfect for eye-catching wall art.

(Psst: you can compare all of our Mounting options on our website!)

So, what can you use Mounted Prints for?

incorporating photo mounting into your decor

Event signage: This includes welcome signs at your wedding or signing boards at your grad party – or whatever other occasion you’re celebrating! Plus, we have some templates already designed for your wedding or grad party – check them out here.

Nursery decor: If you’re thinking about decor for your little one’s room, mounting a Print is the way to go. They’re both sturdy and lightweight, so there’s no one worrying about falling decor.

utilizing photo mounting for home decor

Wall decor in a rented home: The rules are different for every apartment, but many landlords aren’t big fans of holes in their walls. Mounted Prints are lightweight enough so you can hang with picture-hanging strips and easy enough to transport if you move.

Framing: Already own some of our Framed Prints? Each one of our professionally-made Framed Prints features your photo already mounted on Foamcore. If you want to switch out the photo, you can just order a new Mounted Print! Have a specific frame already in mind? By mounting your photos before you frame them, you ensure that there’s no ripples in your photo when you place it inside.

Office decor: If you’re working in an office, you want to personalize your space, but you might not be able to do some permanent personalization. Maybe your office switches around a lot, or there’s a “no holes in the walls” rule. Mounted Prints are lightweight so they’re easy to schlep around from cubicle to cubicle. Plus, you can use cubicle-hanging clips to display them, or some types (like our Standout option!) can stand on their own.

enhance decor with photo mounting

Floating shelf decor: A somewhat newer interior design trend, floating shelves are great for featuring statement pieces and adding in/switching out seasonal decor. This could include popping in some old Halloween or Christmas photos around those holidays! Also, since our Mounting is so lightweight, if something happens to fall off a shelf, there’s no harm done.

Decor for places you can’t hang: There are some places in our homes that – no matter how hard we try – hanging decor just doesn’t work. Maybe you can’t find a stud, or it’s made of solid brick. Many people use our Mounted Prints to display artwork on the mantels above their fireplace!

You can’t make up your mind: Not ready to commit? Mounted Prints are an inexpensive alternative to traditional wall decor, so you can mix, match, and replace as you please!

How do you use Mounting with your photos? Let us know in the comments!

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