How to Thank and Recognize Your Clients

How to Thank and Recognize Your Clients

Clients are the heartbeat of any business but especially one as personal as a photography business. They are your referrals, your published work, and obviously your source of income. Thanking and recognizing them for supporting your business can go such a long way and we're here to share some ideas and tips to make them feel extra special when booking with you.

Post-booking thank you.

Whether you send an email or a handwritten card, after you have secured the clients date and are officially booked, make sure to send a thank you! Let the client know how excited you are for the session, what to expect on the day of, and any other details you can share that would be helpful in making them more comfortable in front of the camera. Ideas could be links to what to wear blog posts, location suggestions, or even tips on how clients can feel their best in front of the camera.

Come bearing gifts!


If you really want to impress your client, show up to the shoot with a very small token of appreciation. Whether it’s cookies from a local bakery, a small bouquet of flowers, or a baby gift for a newborn session make sure your client knows how. This small but sweet sentiment can make such a difference for your small business and set you apart from competition. Never underestimate what going above and beyond for a client can do for your business.

Send a card with your favorite prints!

thanking and recognizing clients

Always send a handwritten thank you card on custom branded stationery to your clients after a session, thank them for choosing you to capture their milestone or session and make it personal with a note about the shoot. To really make it special, throw in a few 4x6’’ Prints from their session. This special touch will be so appreciated by your clients, and won’t cost you much!

Throw in a free product.

desk calendar

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a client feel special, but sending your client a customized photo gift is definitely a way to spread the love! For the newlyweds, send a Desk Calendar with 12 favorite images from your session, for the new mom send a Photo Mug for all the coffee, for a family session, gift them a Metal Ornament for their tree.

Send Holiday Cards

holiday card

Check in with your clients around the holidays and send them a card to let them know you are thinking of them. Include a family photo for a personalized touch or create a card that is holly, jolly, and perfectly on brand adorned with your logo.

Create a newsletter!

Keep your clients close with a monthly or quarterly email newsletter. Let them know of upcoming mini sessions, share blogs from recent shoots, and keep them updated on your seasonal availability. This keeps your clients informed and engaged with your brand.

How do you thank and recognize your clients? Share any ideas with us in the comments!

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