kids in front of framed photos

How To: Personality Pics

You’ve seen these eye-catching engineered style prints all over social media and we have to say, they are some of our favorites! These statement-making images are the perfect addition to your space that needs a little love. If you aren’t sure how to create these fun pics, we’re here to help.

Find a mostly white wall.

Baby smilng

Taking the photo against a white or solid colored wall makes the editing process (explained later) much easier! Natural lighting is always great so try and find a space adjacent to a window that gets plenty of sunlight. The beauty of these images come from the simplicity of the editing so try not to stress over finding the perfect backdrop.

Mind your negative space.

Engineer Style Print

These images all have a particular style with lots of negative space in the background. Keep that in mind when determining the placement of your subject in the photo.

Take LOTS of pictures.

outtake photos

To keep the picture looking authentic, snap away! There will be tons of outtakes but, that is ok. The more options you have to choose from the better. Make jokes, tell a funny story, share a memory, or whatever you need to do to try to capture the essence of your subject in a real moment.

Edit your photo!


Girl smiling with a flower


Google Photos Editing

We found it easiest to use Google Photos to edit these images. First, click on the photo and select the editing icon and use one of the preset filters to turn the image black and white. Next, select "basic adjustments." Here you will want to focus on is upping the contrast and the exposure to create a subject that really pops. Also play with the shadows and black and white editing tools to achieve that statement look.

Print and frame!

kids in front of framed photos

We think the bigger the better when it comes to “engineered prints.” This really lets the personality shine as well as makes a huge statement. For reference, these are 24x36'' Maple Framed Prints! If you are into DIY you can always order Prints and then frame them yourself!

Do you like the look of these Engineered styled Prints? Tag us in your creations, #NationsPhotoLab!

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