How to Bring Comfort and Tranquility to Your Home Office

How to Bring Comfort and Tranquility to Your Home Office

Working from home is the new wave. If you’ve been working from the living room couch, making Zoom calls with children running rampant behind you, watching your productivity dwindle down day by day, there’s no longer any excuse. The solution to your work from home strife begins with a home office!

Already have a designated workspace? There’s still a lot you can do in order to cut out the chaos and put an end to the distractions. Read on to discover some ways you can make your workspace both comfortable and tranquil:

comfort and tranquility in home office

Research current design trends

Nothing makes you excited about a room makeover like perfectly executing the vision you had after hours of scrolling through Pinterest. To start, research current design trends to see what colors, styles, or furniture are hot right now. Not everything will be your style, but an online search can provide a plethora of ideas that contribute to comfort and peace. It’s also a good idea to look at other houses for sale in your area to get a clear idea of how other homeowners in your own neighborhood are designing their home offices and where they’re located within the home.

creating a serene home office

Designate a space

Where your home office is located can make or break your overall enjoyment of the space. It’s recommended that you choose a space separate from where you spend your downtime, so there’s a clear boundary between your personal and professional life and a healthy work-life balance. Find a space that is far enough from the most trafficked rooms in your home. That may mean venturing upstairs or heading down to the basement where sounds and interruptions are minimal. Either way, be sure that the room has a door, ample lighting, and is an appropriate place to be focused on a virtual meeting or be productive when your mind’s on your to-do list.

tips for a calm home workspace

Explore wall decor

Wall Decor is the perfect opportunity to make your workspace aesthetically pleasing as well as to bring you happiness. Determine what you’re most passionate about and work that into your wall decor. Maybe that’s a gallery wall filled with Photo Prints of family and friends. Or, maybe it's a few original paintings you’ve worked on in your free time. You can even think outside the box and decorate with Prints of maps of your hometown or favorite vacation spot. Photos or pieces of art that remind you of the things you care about most will help you enjoy your time in the space and bring you joy even in times of stress.

enhancing comfort in your home office

Incorporate plant life

You might be surprised to learn that recent studies prove that plant life increases your productivity and concentration by 15%. Not only that, but those same results cited reduced stress levels and an overall boost in mood! So, that means going green can make your workspace more relaxing and satisfying, also while helping you focus a little bit more throughout the workday. Whether it’s a hanging plant, a ficus, a pot of flowers, or all of the above, get on over to the greenhouse or your local florist for some added support.

Productivity, positivity, and a healthy work-life balance all begin with your home office. Start being more conscious about your surroundings today and you’ll be more refreshed and more motivated to take on the workday!