How Metal Prints Are Made

How Metal Prints Are Made

Ready to learn how we turn your photos into vibrant masterpieces with our Metal Prints? In just six steps, we take your memories and transform them into stunning wall art that pops with vibrance, unmatched quality, and serious durability. Our team of photo experts pulled back the curtain for us to share how they hand make one of our most popular products! 

Step 1. Print the image

How the Metal Prints Are Made

The image is printed on paper and prepped for transfer onto the Metal. The paper is cut to size and carefully cleaned to ensure no small particles or anything that could compromise the image as it is being transferred.

Step 2.  Prepped for press

The aluminum sheet is then placed on top of the image and heat resistant tape is applied to hold it in place before it heads to the heat press. 

Step 3. Heat press the Metal Print

How Metal Print is Made

A protective fabric is placed over the metal and in the heat press your print goes! This process is what actually transfers the image onto the Metal PrintMetal Prints are created by infusing specially formulated dyes onto paper, then using heat to infuse the ink into gas onto the surface of aluminum sheets, making them scratch resistant and waterproof.  

Once it is transferred the Metal Print is left to cool down because like the saying goes it comes out hot off the press!

Step 4. Reveal the Print

The tape and fabric is carefully removed and the Metal Print is ready for it’s big reveal! This is the favorite step of our team members, they love seeing your images turn into stunning works of vibrant art.

Step 5. The backing is added

Next the appropriate backing is secured by hang to the Metal Print. Customers choose from a Metal Easel, Black Shadow Mount, or a Floating Mount to customize the display or hanging of their print. 

Step 6. Packaging and shipping

packing Metal Print

The last step is getting your beautiful order packaged and sent! The Metal Print goes into a protective plastic bag and then is secured with tape onto a piece of cardboard. It’s then added to a cardboard box with added paper to ensure it’s secure in transit. The prints are then shipped into the hands of our happy customers! 

Make sure you tag us in your photos so we can see how you hang and style your beautiful Metal Prints!