Guide to Photo Print Cropping

Your Guide to Cropping Photo Prints

You’ve taken some amazing photos with your phone or camera and now it’s time to print your favorite memories. When you go to order your prints, there are a few things to keep in mind, but one of the most important is to understand Print sizes and how your photo might look different depending on the sizes you choose! This is important when it comes to feeling confident in how your Prints will turn out. Here’s our helpful guide to understand cropping your photos when ordering Photo Prints. Most of the photos that you take are going to be taken in a 2:3 ratio, which is the ratio of a 4x6” print, but not all photo sizes are going to be perfectly compatible with that ratio. You may find that prints like 5x7”, 8x10”, 10x20” and more are going to end up cropping a portion of your photo to fit the size of the print — this is important to know! Here’s an image to represent how your photo will crop depending on the print size you choose: Photo Print Cropping Guide Choosing your print size ultimately depends on what the project goals with your Photo Prints are! If you’re looking to print and save your memories, we recommend choosing 4x6” Prints to store your photos. Also, a Custom Presentation Box is a great way to preserve memories from a particular time or presenting your professional prints to clients. If you have certain sized frames, you’ll need to work within the size of the frames you have. If you're building a gallery wall, you’ll want to plan out your various Print sizes and make sure they all work cohesively. Now that you've got a good understanding of how your photos will look depending on the print size, it's time to order your prints! You can always come back to this guide if you need help determining which print sizes to choose and how that might affect the cropping of your photos.

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