A Guide to the Perfect Gallery Wall

A Guide to the Perfect Gallery Wall

It’s no surprise we love gallery walls of all kinds. Displaying family photos, meaningful art, and special keepsakes in your space can turn any wall into a work of art. Often times people want to create a gallery wall but aren’t sure where to start, what photos to select, or what design style to choose. We’re here to help, check out our guide to the perfect gallery wall.

1. Define your style!

Defining your style is the perfect place to start when creating a gallery wall. Transitional and modern styles often lean towards grid patterns, clean lines, and thin frames with oversized mattes. Bohemian and Grandmillenial trending spaces may opt for mis-matched frames of different sizes. If you don't fall into one of these categories remember that you don't need to stick to one style. Your home and space should be a reflection of the things you love, check Pinterest, Instagram, and your favorite interior designers work for inspiration!

nursery gallery wall

2. Keep scale in mind.

Determine the space you are looking to fill! If it is a large empty wall, consider going big, we mean really big! Oversized triptychs or large grid photos will make a huge impact. If you are working with a smaller space, try a grid of smaller photos or even letting photos run all the way up the wall in different size and shaped frames. Don't leave your odd spaces out! Corners, hallways, and funky spots in your space also make a great place for a gallery wall.

3. Fill your frames.

Fill your frames with photos you love! They do not need to be professional family photos in coordinated outfits to make their spot on your wall. Candids are always a favorite and make for the perfect conversation starter when guests are over. To give your frames a more uniform look, we suggest filtering your photos in black and white before printing.

kids room decor

4. Start now, finish later.

If you are not choosing a simple grid gallery wall space, don’t feel the need to complete it all at once. Start with your largest frame or piece of art at eye level, and add on as you collect memories and moments as the years go by.

Guide to the Perfect Gallery Wall

5. Have fun with it!

Remember, drywall can always be patched! Get creative with your style choices and make a change later if need be. Don't take it too seriously, creating a space to show off your family, friends, and four legged loves never goes out of style. You can always print new photos each year and update your frames as you see fit!

Check out the Blog for more gallery wall inspiration. What are your best gallery wall tips? @

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