3 Ideas For Honoring Your 2021 Grad

3 Ideas For Honoring Your 2021 Grad

Across the country, 2021 grads may have to give up walking across the stage to receive their diploma. A moment they’ve been working toward for 4 years – gone.

Even though we’re apart, we don’t have to let those meaningful moments go unnoticed. Although graduation ceremonies look different this year, you can still celebrate your grad. Here are a couple of ideas to make them feel special!

honoring 2021 grad ideas

Note the date of their original ceremony.

Many grads will probably feel especially bummed on this day – don’t let it pass by unnoticed! Schedule a video call with them on that day and start blasting Pomp and Circumstance.

Cheer them on digitally, too, by highlighting their accomplishments on your Facebook or Instagram. And, don’t forget to send graduation announcements to friends and family!

Send them something thoughtful.

Let them know you’re thinking of them. Send them a Print, or a Photo Book, or a Card! As they enter college or an uncertain job market, they’ll need your words of encouragement and reminders of good times to get them through it!

celebrating 2021 graduate suggestions

You’re still allowed to party!

If you’re quarantining inside with your graduate, you can still party together as a family! Order some baked goods from a local shop doing deliveries, and grab some decorations online. You can even set up chairs and stage, have your grad dress in their cap and gown, and instruct them to walk. (Make sure you record this moment to share with loved ones!)

If your community allows it, organize a drive-by party for your graduate. With your grad standing on your front line, have friends and family members drive by – blasting music, clapping, and cheering for your grad!

How are you celebrating the grad in your life this year?

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