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5 Ways to Capture Your Love Story

Any holiday full of flowers, love, and chocolate is one worth celebrating and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are feeling the love here at the lab. What better way to show your sweetie you care than to document your precious love story. Not sure where to begin? Check out our five ideas.

1. Schedule a photo shoot.

couple photo shoot

Book a professional photo shoot with your favorite local photographer, no special occasion needed. Pick somewhere special to you as a couple, get slightly dressed up, and head out to get some picture perfect memories captured!

If you don’t have a favorite local photographer, check out Instagram's hashtag search feature and scroll through until you see the style you are looking for. Don’t know what to wear? We’ve got you covered here and here.

2. Create a Buzz Book.

love themed photo book

Capture your love story with a Buzz Book. Select 40 of your favorite photos of your love story to fill up your one-of-a-kind book. Chose from one of our new love-themed cover options and spoil your sweetie with a trip down memory lane.

3. Make a memory box.

memory box

Movie stubs, concert tickets, hotel keys & more! Save it all (sorry Marie Kondo) and create a memory box. Don’t forget to label it by date and to add in your favorite Prints from the year so you can look back on all your best memories with some photo evidence.

4. Year in photos.

stack of photo books

Our organized friends will love this one. Start an album on your phone or computer and fill it with photos from the past year. Each month, take some time to add your favorite images you have captured to the album. At the end of the year make a Photo Book, print them all, or keep them as a digital "yearbook" to look back each year.

5. Create a movie.

making a movie on the computer

You don’t need to be a Hollywood grade filmmaker to create an awesome reel of your favorite photos. Try using Google Photos, iMovie or Animoto and create a video you lovebirds can look back on for years to come. Want to make it extra special? Download the video on a Custom USB Drive with a sweet sentiment on it.

Life gets busy and moments come and go in a flash but we're here to remind you to capture it all. The real moments in your love story are happening every day and should be well documented! How do you and your significant other capture your love story?

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