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5 Picturesque Places for a Fall Photoshoot

Fall is in full swing and we're are so excited to share our favorite photoshoot locations that you can certainly find in your neck of the woods! If you have a photoshoot planned or are just hoping to snap your own autumn pictures, check out these 5 picturesque places for your shoot.

1. Flower fields.

girls in flower field

Flower fields can be found all over the country this time of year and they make the perfect backdrop for your next fall photoshoot. Not only do they make the perfect whimsical vibe but the colors are the perfect addition to the seasonal hues of the leaves!

2. Find the foliage!

fall photos

The trees this time of year truly capture the magic of fall. Snap your pics in your own yard, at a park, or anywhere you can see the beautiful colors of the fall foliage. If you want to make your photos really pop, dress in jeweled tones like navy, emerald and burgundy!

3. By the sea.

beach photo

Any body of water makes for the most gorgeous photo backdrop. Plan your photoshoot near a river, lake, pond, or beach for stunning photos that will be perfect enough to secure a spot on the gallery wall!

4. Pumpkin Patch!

pumpkin patch photos

Nothing screams fall like a pumpkin patch! Knock a few things off your fall bucket list at once and snap your photos at the pumpkin patch this year. If you aren’t planning on booking a professional photographer, try grabbing a handheld tripod and set up your phone with a remote to snap a few family pics in front of the pumpkins!

5. By a bridge!

family on a bridge

We think bridges make for some of the most stunning photo backdrops! Safely seek out a location with a bridge this fall and capture your beautiful family in a unique way.

Where will you be taking your fall photos?

Thank you to I Dream in Flowers and Olive Grey Photography for the use of their imagery in this post.

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