12 Ideas for Photographers Staying Home

12 Ideas for Photographers Staying Home

If your shoots are being cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus, you may find yourself with some extra time on your hands. That doesn’t mean your photo business has to stop completely! Here are some things to try during this period of self-quarantine: 

Play catch up on outstanding items.

If you’re behind on album design or gallery editing, now’s the time to knock it out! So, put on your favorite editing playlist, and finish up those galleries waiting for your edits.

Learn something new to bolster your business.

Photography trends and methods are constantly changing. If you have extra free time, you can take an online class to bolster your current skill set, or even learn something completely new – like videography, retouching, et cetera.

Ideas for Photographers Staying Home

Improve your brand marketing.

Often, we’re so much in the trenches with managing our photo shoots that branding gets left by the wayside. Now that you’re not out there actively photographing, you can focus on your brand! Here are some quick marketing tips:

  • Do a website audit. Ensure that the galleries on your website are updated, and publish any relevant drafted blog posts.
  • Are you missing SEO copy for your website? Add it in or improve what’s there as that is very important for your website’s search rankings on Google & Bing.
  • Take a minute to think about the user experience on your website. When someone fills out your contact form, do they get an automated email with pertinent information? If so, do your automated emails fit your brand & style, or do they sound like they’re coming from robots?
  • Write a guide that is relevant to your business and expertise (i.e. photography tips, wedding timelines or checklists, DIY flower crowns, and more). Then, use it as lead generating ad on Facebook or Instagram.

Check in with your clients.

We’re all struggling right now. Take the time to check in with your 2020 and 2021 clients and see how you can be a resource for them. (More on that here!)

Ideas for Photographers that are Staying Home

Clean your gear.

Clean gear is key to crystal clear images. Take the time to do a cleaning! Here’s what to check:

  • Keep your camera dirt & dust free with a generic air blower (like this one) or use the automatic sensor cleaning option on your camera (if available).
  • Grab a brush (like this sensor brush) and brush through every crevice on your camera and lens to remove any hidden dirt and sand that could find its way into your camera.
  • Get a lens hood as preventative maintenance.

Look ahead.

Eventually, life will resume to normal (or as close to normal as possible!) and you’ll be scheduling some shoots. Make sure you’re prepared for a busier season! Review your old workflows and look for areas of improvement. (More tips on that here!)

Do some good.

If you’re in a solid financial position, consider ways you can give back to your local community! Do a BOGO photo shoot promotion in which for every session you sell, you’ll commit to a free session for a family in need. Or, donate to organizations working to assist people in need, such as Direct Relief.

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