10 Undeniable Reasons to Print Your Photos

10 Undeniable Reasons to Print Your Photos

As we all know, technology and the digital space have changed our world and how we interact with it forever. Though we can create entire lives in the virtual world through apps and social media, when it comes to creating memories, real-life experiences are still vital. One way to ensure we’re keeping those memories close to heart is by making sure they don’t stay on your phone screens forever. Printing your memories and holding them in your hands or displaying them in your favorite spaces makes the experience authentic and allows you to relive it anytime you like. Here are some reasons to print your favorite memories so you can enjoy them without having to search deep into the digital realm to find them.


Seeing the photos you took when you moved into your first home, the first week of being a new parent, or the first glimpse of your best canine buddy brings us that nostalgic feeling we’re looking for most days. Printing photos is a great way to enjoy those special moments and relive them in your daily life. We all have memories and stories that take us back to a time and place we can’t believe we forgot, and having a physical Photo Print can help us hang on to those special memories.

Connection to Family and Friends

undeniable reasons to print photos

Going through photo book after photo book of your grandmother’s wedding album or embarrassing child photos with your family doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Everyone loves to sit around the table reminiscing while flipping through old family photos. These photos record our history and give us a tangible way to share experiences throughout the generations. A photo album is a great way to take a stroll down memory lane. The time spent together remembering loved ones and sharing their stories is priceless time connecting with the people who truly matter to us.

Having these memories and connections has become even more important in current times to allow us to share experiences together when we may not be able to make new ones. It is essential to remember our unique relationships with family and friends and the memories we’ve made together. Having a photo to hold is an excellent way to connect and remember we are not alone in these COVID times, and by printing these memories, the younger generations growing up in the age of digital storage can have those experiences, too.

Make Your House a Home

Printing photos and framing them to share in our homes is not only a beautiful way to decorate, but also a great way to fill your space with love. Whether photos are filled with family vacation fun, first days of school, or holiday happiness, having these memories hanging on the walls in our homes is a regular reminder that we are loved and gives us an opportunity to share those special moments with all who enter your home.

Celebrate Photography

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As a photographer, you’ve worked hard to hone your craft, creating a style that is unique to you. That should be celebrated on more than just a small screen! Print your photos to be able to share with your clients so they can proudly display our art in their homes. Print your photos so you can create a breathtaking portfolio to boast about. Print your photos simply for yourself and your own spaces to remember how far you’ve come. Don’t let your art live digitally.

As a fan of photographers, honor your favorite ones by purchasing their prints and making sure they are displayed in your home. If they sell digital versions, you can easily get them printed with us at Nations Photo Lab, as well. Their art is meant to be appreciated by people who enjoy the medium like you, so why not use it to decorate your favorite spaces?

Don’t Lose it On Your Phone

Think back to why you took a photo for a reason. You were compelled to capture a moment in time that you wanted to remember forever. Honor that memory you captured by printing it, instead of letting them get forever lost in the endless apps and photo galleries on your phone. Print them so you can hold on to those moments. As technology changes, apps change, and devices change, years from now those photos will be forgotten or lost in the shuffle, but if they are printed, they will last for future enjoyment.

Keep Organized

Printing the photos that mean the most to us and are important to the family is a good way to keep organized. If you take some time to weed through the photos on your phone and delete the screenshots, blurry selfies, or dozens of retakes of the same group photo, you can start to focus on the ones that mean the most. These are the ones you print. After they are printed, take a few hours on a rainy weekend to organize and label the vast pile of memorable photos. Having the photos organized makes it easy to share specific memories with others when everything is in its place.

Gift Giving

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Giving the gift of photos makes for a beautiful, heartfelt gesture for the people we love. Printing photos to frame, put on a Customer Calendars, Coffee Mug, T-shirts, or other gifts is a fun way to share special moments and give a gift they can enjoy for a long time. When our collection of memories stays in digital form, they don’t get the opportunity to be shared or experienced again in the same way. Why keep your snapshots hidden away on your phone or digital camera when you can share them as gifts for your favorite people to enjoy? At Nations Photo Lab, the gift-giving possibilities are endless — from Custom Calendars, Bookmarks, and Mousepads to Magnets, Coffee Mugs, and Pillows, we’ve got you covered for any occasion.

Create a Photo Journal

Keeping a journal is how many record life’s important moments, celebrate their triumphs and learn from their losses. A journal is usually just words on paper, but printing photos that capture our lives can make a journal even more special. Afterall, a picture is worth 1,000 words, is it not? Photos appeal to our creative side and help us have a clearer memory of the moment we’re hoping to recall. We can reflect on who we are now, where we’ve come from, and how we’ve made an impact in our own lives and the world around us. Use the right side of the brain to get creative and combine words with printed images to make a journal that can be revisited throughout a lifetime.

Technological Issues

Technology is an amazing part of our modern-day lives, but it can’t always be as reliable as something physical or tangible. If all of our special moments like weddings, birthdays,, first days of school, or family vacations are stored away on the computer or phone, what happens when the computer crashes or the phone is lost or stolen? Don’t risk losing all of those snapshots of life’s special days by storing it all on technology. The loss of those precious moments is too important to just rely on technology to never fail. Protect the moments that are worth remembering and print photos so they will never get lost in the vast world of tech.

An Inexpensive Way to Add Joy to Your Life

We all need a little more joy in our lives, but how exactly do we get it? We find joy in seeing friends and family, in fond memories of life’s moments, and enjoying time in our favorite places. Usually, in those moments, we like to take photos to remember them later. Printing those photos lets us share that joy and relive the poignant moments of our lives, and it’s pretty inexpensive to do so. Here at Nations Photo Lab, our Photo Prints range from wallet sizes to 30”x45” and start at under $1.00.

According to research by the American Psychological Association, taking photos and looking at them increases happiness and feel-good hormones that lead to a better quality of life. So don’t just listen to us— it’s science! Take photos and print them out to reminisce on happy moments, reduce stress and increase happiness and joy.

At Nations Photo Lab, we print photos and create wall art, photo albums, cards, and photo gifts for any occasion. We know how important it is to keep memories alive, and we want to help you keep those special memories. Print photos and more at Nations Photos Lab and hold memories close at hand to enjoy for years to come.

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