What to Do With Your Travel Photos

What to Do With Your Travel Photos

You’ve spent plenty of time capturing stunning views and priceless moments on your travels. But are you making sure you’re saving these memories so they’ll last? Once you’re back home and flipping through the sunset photos on your phone or camera, start thinking about what you’d like to do with them. To jog your creativity, here are a few ideas on what to do with your travel photos.

Add your favorite travel photos to a calendar to remember through all of next year.

Custom Calendar

Choose 12 of your favorite travel photos of the year. Add those photos to next year’s Custom Calendar. You can even coordinate by season, depending on what time of the year you traveled. Relive your favorite travel moments or scenery while simultaneously reminding yourself to plan the next adventure.

Create a Travel Book you can easily flip through.

Travel Book

A carefully crafted and curated adventure book could be the perfect option for the avid traveler. Whether you’re looking to keep your family vacation photos in one place or create a stunning coffee table book of your best landscapes, a Travel Book is right for you. Choose from multiple customizable designs with lay-flat page options to display your beautiful shots.

Print 4×6 photos to add to a photo album (like the old days)

Don’t let the days of flipping through your printed photos pass us by! Keep up the tradition by printing your travel photos and adding then to a classic photo book you can continue to add to. Check out this one from Amazon perfect for 4×6 Photo Prints: Amazon Photo Album for 4×6 600 Photos Linen Cover

If you’re the type to bring a polaroid with you for that instant film photo satisfaction, Polaroid’s got a perfect book for you, as well.

Show off your travel photos with your Holiday Cards.

If it’s getting close to holiday season (so basically anytime after September 1st) making your travel memories into a Holiday Card is the perfect way to share your travels with the ones you love. Choose a Year in Review Card to add a collage of photos if it’s too hard to choose only one to two.

Make some Acrylic Blocks to add a vibrant touch to your home.

Acrylic Blocks add a cool, modern edge to your home decor. Take your favorite travel photos and make them pop through acrylic blocks you can add to any surface in your home.

Use them as wall decor to keep you dreaming of the next destination

framed prints

Santorini looks better in a frame — trust us. Add your stunning photos to a Framed Print or Wall Decor to make a statement in each room. Need help choosing which wall decor will work best? Check out our Wall Decor Guide.

Let us know your creative ideas for travel photos in the comments!


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