Acrylic Decor

Let your favorite photos really shine with Acrylic Blocks & Wall
Decor, perfect for any home or office.

Nations Photo Lab Acrylic Blocks


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Product Information

Acrylic Photo Blocks are printed on a professional Lustre photo paper, adhered to a long-lasting, crystal clear acrylic block

Blocks are 1 inch thick, perfect for a free-standing photo on a desk, table top, nightstand, or mantle. Acrylic Wall Decor is .25 inch in depth.

Adds depth and volume, with vivid colors with precise details

Clear, polished edges

Blocks have a finished black textured backing, while our Wall Decor has a clean white backing with a sleek French Cleat hanger.

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Shipping Information

In-lab time: 15 business days

Display Ready

Our Acrylic Blocks are sturdy and feature a black, textured background, so your prints can stand up without any additional hardware. Plus, Acrylic Wall Decor is fitted with a French cleat — perfect for immediate hanging.


Wall Decor

Long-lasting & Vibrant

Your Acrylic artwork starts with our professional quality Lustre paper, ensuring that your images will last for years to come.

Crystal Clear & Hand-polished

There's no cutting corners in design for our Acrylic Blocks & Wall Decor. Each piece is crystal clear, illuminating your images, and has hand-polished edges for decor perfection

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Acrylic Blocks & Wall Decor

Transform your home or office decor and let your favorite photos really shine with Acrylic Blocks & Wall Decor.

If you want your photos to stand out, try Acrylic Decor. Printed on our professional quality Lustre paper, your images will last for years to come. Each piece of Acrylic is crystal clear and has hand-polished edges, creating artwork that really dazzles.

Select from five sizes to select the perfect piece for your mantle, desk, floating shelves, or walls. Choose from a one-inch standalone Block or a quarter-inch piece of Wall Decor. Each item is delivered ready to display and easy to hang — no extra hardware needed!

Make every moment matter – upload your photos to create your Acrylic Blocks and Acrylic Wall Decor today.