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Designed as a creative branding solution for photographers and small business owners, Custom USB Drives seamlessly integrate the digital with the tangible.


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Product Details

Custom USB Drives are a creative way to deliver photos, design files, and videos to your clients.

Choose from four unique styles:
- Contemporary Wood (3.5" x 2.125" x 0.1875"): a credit card-sized USB Drive made from real maple wood.
- Classic Wood (2.375" x 1.125" x 0.375"): a beautiful maple wood USB Drive with a removable, magnetic cap.
- Contemporary Metal (3.4" x 2.17"): made from high quality, brushed metal for vivid colors and a luminescent finish.
- Premium Acrylic (wood area: 0.79" x 1.38"; acrylic area: 0.79" x 1.19"): high-end acrylic with printing options on both the clear acrylic side and the maple wood side.

Both 8GB and 16GB options are available in each style.

Up to 10% of the storage space is allocated to support the internal controller and the file format system.

All USB Drives are compatible with any PC or Mac.

Both landscape and portrait orientation images fit well on all USB Drive styles.

USB Drives can be personalized on one side.


USB Drives are not color corrected, nor are they printed using white ink. The natural wood grain or brushed metal (depending on your chosen USB Drive style) will show through the lighter areas of your image.

USB Drives may shift very slightly during the printing process. For that reason, we do not recommend creating different designs for the Classic USB Drive lid and body.

CLICK HERE to download blank Photoshop templates for Custom USB Drives.

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Shipping Information

In-lab time: 3 business days

Personalized & Professional

Keep your small business’ branding consistent across every customer touchpoint by storing and delivering your client’s files on a customized USB Drive.

A Style to Match Any Brand

Choose from three eye-catching USB Drive styles: Classic Wood, Contemporary Wood, and Contemporary Metal. 8GB and 16GB storage options are available for each.

A Package Deal

Add your logo or an image from your client’s session to a Wood USB Box or a Custom Presentation Box to store and deliver your USB Drives in a memorable way.

Wood Boxes

Presentation Boxes

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Are you a small business owner or a professional photography looking to further solidify your brand? Marry the digital and the tangible with your very own Custom USB Drive.

Consistent branding is made easy with our Custom USB Drives. Choose from four styles, perfect for any business: Classic Wood, made from real maple wood; the credit card-sized Contemporary Wood; the luminescent and vibrant Contemporary Metal; and Premium Acrylic, the high-end option with two sides for printing. Not sure what size you’ll need? Each USB is available in both 8GB and 16GB storage options.

Our USB Drives are perfecting for adding your logo as another brand touchpoint. Or, surprise your clients by picking the best picture from their session or wedding day. Finish up the brand experience by packaging everything together in a Wood USB Box or a Custom Presentation Box (sold separately).

Get started on improving your brand. Upload your logo and photos, and create your Custom USB Drive today!