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Gold or Silver /// 3 Lines Max $6, per line
*not available in Photo Covers

2 Binding Options


Linen, Pearl or Semi-Gloss /// Min. 10 pages, Max. 70


Semi-Gloss /// Min. 10 pages, Max. 30

Page Options


For a more durable product /// $5 per book

Color Corrections

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed /// $6 per book

PLEASE NOTE: When designing your Photo Book, please be sure all important content is located within the safe zone!

Bleed: The area of a Print or product that will be trimmed off, to account for a small amount of movement during the finishing process.

Trim: The line along which the final product will be cut.

Safe zone: The area inside of which all important content must be located. Any content within this space will be printed, and anything outside of it may be trimmed off.

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Shipping + Processing time: Receive your products by *

In-lab time: 3 business days

*Order by 2 p.m. EST TODAY


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Wedding Photo Books Show Where it All Began

Remind your clients that wedding photo books can not only capture the memories of their special day, but can also be used as a testament to their love and their relationship. For example, they may want to consider creating a photo book that tells the story of their love by providing you some of their own candid photos from when they began dating, which you can then include in the book along with your professional engagement and wedding shots and even a few snapshots from their honeymoon photos. Their friends and family (and future children!) will love being able to look back and see how it all began and where their relationship started.

Wedding Photo Books for Guests or Gifts
Wedding photo books can also make fantastic guest sign-in books for your clients' weddings or receptions. To create a sign-in book, you'll just create a wedding photo book with photos on one side and space for guests to write their well wishes on the other. Follow our easy-to-use templates to place their engagement photos and other candid shots in a way that still allows guests to express their congratulations. Additionally, wedding photo books are also wonderful gifts for family and friends who participated in the ceremony, or even for faraway relatives who were unable to attend.

Increase your sales and your clients' happiness by suggesting a wedding photo book as a lovely way for them to share and pay tribute to their very special day.

Ordering a photo book online is simple! Get started by signing up for an account and uploading your order using one of the ROES ordering systems.