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Product Information
  • Charging your device is a breeze – there's no need to remove your case while charging. Plus, our Phone Cases are compliant with Qi standards for wireless charging.
  • Our Phone Cases are water resistant, meaning they don’t get damaged by getting wet or moist. However, they do not have complete water protection and are not guaranteed to protect your device if dropped in pools, oceans, et cetera.


Model Snap Case Tough Case
iPhone 7 $43.99 $53.99
iPhone XS $43.99 $53.99
iPhone 11 Pro Max $43.99 $53.99
iPhone 7 Plus $43.99 $53.99
iPhone XS Max $43.99 $53.99
iPhone 8 $43.99 $53.99
iPhone XR $43.99 $53.99
iPhone 8 Plus $43.99 $53.99
iPhone 11 $43.99 $53.99
iPhone X $43.99 $53.99
iPhone 11 Pro $43.99 $53.99


Model Snap Case Tough Case
Galaxy S9 Plus $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S20 Plus $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S10 $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S20 Ultra $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S8 $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S10 Plus $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S8 Plus $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S10E $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S9 $43.99 $53.99
Galaxy S20 $43.99 $53.99
Shipping Information

In-lab time: 7 business days

First Class Mail - $3.95

Shipping is available for Continental US only.

Custom Phone Cases

You use your phone 24/7 – make it unique! Create your very own Phone Case, available in two styles: the slim & strong Snap Case and the ultra-protective Tough Case.

Sizes for iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10/ Plus/ E.

Designed to Protect

Our Phone Cases are the perfect combination of style and protection. The Snap Case is slim enough to have little impact on the size of your phone, yet durable to withstand scuffs and scratches. The Tough Case lives up to its name – featuring a removable, silicone liner for extra shock protection.

Snap Case

Tough Case

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Custom Smartphone Cases - Photo Cases for Smartphones

Text and call in style with your very own customized Phone Case, perfectly fitted for various iPhone and Samsung models.

First, choose your case type: a Snap Case that is made from durable plastic yet slim and lightweight; or, a Tough Case that is made from durable plastic but also has a removable, silicone liner for added protection. Plus, both case types are available in Matte or Glossy finishes.

Want your phone to stay slim? The Snap Case adds only a minimal size difference from your original device. Need even more protection? The dual layer technology of the Tough Case allows for extra impact resistance.

Be excited to answer the phone when it rings – upload your photos and choose your personalized Phone Case today!