Preserve & Transform Your Child's Artwork

As your child grows and learns, you’re bound to end up with your child’s own Picasso-like creations. But, how can you honor their child’s creativity and keep your home clutter-free?

By turning their art into beautifully-made photo products, of course!
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1. First, go through your piles of artwork and decide what to keep and what should be memorialized. (Yes, this is the hardest part.) It may be easy to separate by theme or milestone. Also, if your child went through a giraffe phase, pick out the best one or two giraffes, and then send some of the others to grandma! (Trust us: she'll cherish everything her grandkids make.)
2. Then, start scanning. Most smartphones today have great cameras and can be used for high quality images. To get the crispest images, clean the lens with a microfiber cloth and only scan in a well-lit area with a lot of natural light. Ideally, you’ll want all of your scanned images to have a resolution of at least 300dpi.
3. Finally, pick your products! Have a lot of artwork from one year of your child's life, or a ton of artwork that fits in with a particular theme? Put it in a hardcover Photo Book or softcover Buzz Book. Does one piece stick out as your absolute favorite? Display it in a Framed Print. Does another piece remind me of Picasso’s early work? Put it on a Canvas Print! Or, take the art that they created specifically for mom with you in a Keychain!

Don't let your kids' artwork sit in a pile, forgotten. Transform it into something more!

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