What to Wear for Your Senior Photoshoot

What to Wear for Your Senior Photoshoot

Guest post by Nicole Marie Photography

Planning your outfits for senior photos isn't an easy thing to do. Trying to choose a style, pick the best colors for your complexion, and figuring out where exactly to shop can leave you in a mess of confusion! So, I want to help you ditch the stress – here are my favorite 5 tips on what to wear for your senior photoshoot:

what to wear senior photoshoot

Flowy dresses are a must!

Choose a flowy dress for the cutest poses (flowy being the key word there)! Whether it's a mini or maxi, make sure it has plenty of fabric so you can twirl and move around with ease. Flowy dresses aren't just comfortable and flattering for every body type, but they also allow for SO many varieties of posing. Whether you'll be sitting, standing, skipping, or twirling, you'll look amazing for pretty much any adventure during your photoshoot. I especially love this style for beach photoshoots because the ocean breeze catches the fabric and creates such beautiful moments.

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On the flip side, super tight dresses are limiting when it comes to movement. Girls tend to be concerned about the dress riding up when they sit, or it clinging too tightly in different positions. If you're uncomfortable or CONSTANTLY worrying about your outfit during your shoot, that tenseness WILL show through in your photos. With a flowy dress, comfort won't even be a question. They're trendy, easy to move in, and perfect for most seasons!

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Pick complimentary colors.

Another amazing tip is to pick colors that compliment your skin tone! I'm sure most of you know that certain colors look better on certain people, but there's actually a whole color science behind it. For example, a warm toned person will look great in earthy tones, whereas a cool toned person looks amazing in colors like blues and greens.

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You can figure out what type of skin tone you have by taking a look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins are an olive/green color, you are warm toned! If they are a blue hue, you have cool-toned skin. Or, if they are a mix of both, you are neutral toned. A good rule of thumb is to figure out what colors go best with your skin tone and always stick within that palette!

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Make sure you have options.

My third tip for choosing what to wear for your senior photoshoot is to pick at least one dressy option and one casual outfit. Make sure that the colors in all of your outfits are a bit different from each other, otherwise you'll look like you're wearing the same thing during the whole shoot. It's always fun to keep one outfit neutral and simple, and another outfit a little louder with a bold pop of color.

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Be modest!

Keep it modest! Your senior photoshoot is such a momentous time. You'll look back at these photos for the rest of your life. Your whole family will want to frame your pretty face, including grandma! With that being said, choose outfits that are cute but not too revealing. Super low cut v-neck tops or skin tight mini skirts can not only cause problems with posing, but also will show too much skin. Your senior photos should be timeless, right? Make sure that you LOVE what you choose, but ditch the skimpy pieces!

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Accessorize wisely.

Lastly, add some basic accessories to go with your photoshoot style. They don't have to be anything extravagant, in fact, less is more! Accessories can make your outfits more trendy and fun. I like to think of them as the sprinkles on top!

For a boho look, add a felt hat to carry or wear. Flowers OR flower crowns are also an amazing accessory because they give you something to hold and they compliment your natural beauty. Lastly, throw on some shades on for a few shots – it will bring a youthful and fun vibe to your photos!

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Nicole Marie Photography is a senior photography in Ocean City, New Jersey whose passion is to give you a senior portrait experience that matches your personality, focusing on authentic moments and natural beauty.