8 Wedding Elopement Myths & Facts

8 Wedding Elopement Myths & Facts

Guest post by Anton & Natalie Photography

Adventure elopements are gaining steam in New England and across the country! You may have seen epic photos of couples getting married on rocky outcroppings with towering mountain peaks as their witnesses – photos of couples saying “I do” in enchanted forests or snowy fields.

Adventure elopements are the stress-free, fun-filled, and memorable alternative to the traditional weddings. For some, having their entire 150 person group of friends, family, and even co-workers is a must, but more and more couples are realizing that getting married is first, and foremost about them, and their experience.

Here are some myths and facts about elopements:

wedding elopement myths and facts

Myth or Fact: I have to wear a fancy dress on a hike.

Myth! Elopements are meant to make the day 100% you. The moment is what matters; what you are wearing, less so.

Many of our couples choose to bring full on wedding outfits on hikes; others simply prefer to wear their adventure clothing. While you don't have to wear your wedding dress on a long hike, there are many tips and tricks that we can offer on how to transport your outfits as well as how to change once you get to your ceremony location.

Myth or Fact: I can't have any guests on an adventure elopement.

Partially a myth. Adventure elopements are meant to be about you. It's your moment, your adventure, your day!

That said, sometimes there are a few important people in your life who you want to be at your side when you say, "I do." We typically consider elopements to be under six guests (and always under 10). This is largely governed by our commitment to LNT outdoor ethics and many parks' rules that limit the hiker group size. But, there are always exceptions, if proper permitting is obtained!

debunking wedding elopement myths

Myth or Fact: I can't have any music in my ceremony location.

Mostly fact. Music on public lands can be disturbing to others who might be in the area to enjoy solitude and escape the civilization. Additionally, playing music can disturb wildlife and interfere with bird calls.

However, music can be okay if you're eloping in an area that already has a lot of noise, like a city park, a gazebo in a state park, et cetera – after permission has been obtained from the authorities, of course!

Myth or Fact: Adventure elopement means no venue, right?

Myth! Sure, the highlight of your adventure elopement is probably going to be a ceremony on a mountaintop or on a canoe, but many couples choose to stay in cozy cabins and hang out at a local brewery after their ceremony. We're happy to capture the more traditional aspects of your wedding day, too, such as getting ready, mini-receptions, et cetera.

facts about wedding elopement

Myth or Fact: You don't always have to hike for a view.

Fact! Don't get us wrong: we love full-day adventures and capturing couples in remote & epic places. But, long hikes aren't for everyone and there are many incredible areas that provide epic locations without a two-hour hike!

Myth or Fact: Elopements are cheaper than weddings.

Mostly true! The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $33,000; yet, the average cost of an epic adventure elopement is $15,000 (and that's money you spend on yourself, not others!).

That said, elopements aren't "cheap." Sure, you can go to the city hall and sign the papers, but adventure elopements are a premium experience.

separating truth from fiction in wedding elopement

Myth or Fact: There are many people in public places and it will ruin my experience.

Not necessarily true! Many popular locations with epic views will have people. That's just a fact of life as well as the beauty of public lands – they're open to all.

However, we generally work with couples to make sure we plan accordingly to minimize the crowding. We also know many beautiful (and less popular) places were privacy is almost guaranteed!

If you do end up having a ceremony in a popular place, such as Artist's Bluff, people are generally respectful and will stay out of your photos.

Myth or Fact: Elopements are hard to plan.

Totally false! Without the need to plan for a large gathering, it's easy to focus on planning the day to your heart's desires.

There are many elopement planners who will even help set up picnics and make sure your day is romantic, beautiful, and stress-free. Plus, as your photographers, we make it our priority to help find the perfect location for your ceremony. We'll even help you find the right hotel or AirBnb!

So, there you have it – the myths and facts of adventure elopements! Are you ready to plan your big adventure? Reach out to us to get started.

Anton & Natalie Photo are a full-service photography, husband-and-wife duo who work with adventure-seeking couples looking for bold experiences on their wedding day. Follow them on Instagram at @antonandnataliephoto!

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