Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Ideas for Couples

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Ideas for Couples

Guest blog post from our friend Amanda from The NY Doulatog:

It’s the season for the romantics & all things LOVE! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I have the perfect idea for an incredible date night that quite literally captures the memories. A Valentines couples session!  Whether you hire a professional photographer or set up your phone with a tripod, I have some cute session ideas, inspiration & tricks for you. 

1. Decide if you want to go formal, or cozy. 

couples valentine's day shoot

Either are great, but my personal favorite is to get comfy, cute and COZY. For the ladies- Throw on some comfy socks & a soft teeshirt in an oversized fit for a super simple outfit idea.  Jeans or fitted joggers & a simple white tee for males is a great option. 

If you want to spice it up a little, you can throw on some lace lingerie with an oversized, slouchy button down or flannel. 

2. Pick a backdrop 

couples romantic photo

If you use a professional photographer, some have natural light studios or backdrops available. You can also check if a photographer rents out a studio in your area if you wanted to do the images yourself, but want a nice space!  To make it personal, you can always do a lifestyle type session in your own home where your living spaces can be your backdrop.  

If you choose to do the images yourself, you can tack up a white sheet or other type fabric to use as a simple backdrop. Then add fun little touches of your own, such as balloons, confetti, & garland. Think pinks & reds! Make sure you & your partner are facing towards the light source, such as a bright window. If your space is lacking natural light you can always use a ring light. 

For outdoors, brick walls are always a stunning backdrop for photographs & make sure to stay out of direct sunlight to avoid harsh shadows. 

3. Have fun & make these a fun, romantic experience.

valentine's day couple photo shoot ideas

Get a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne (or sparking juice for the sober babes!) & glasses. Do some fun little valentines crafts or games & make a fun competition out of it.  Bring some fruits & dip for a delicious snack & capture feeding each other. Make a list of why you love one another & whisper them to each other during the session while cuddled up close.

Study your partners face & trace their features. Challenge each other to a kiss attack. Dance. Bake a fun treat together. 

You don’t have to stare at the camera. Focus on each other while you are photographed. If you’re doing them yourself, you can put your camera or phone to take multiple images every so often & just let it snap away while you get lost in the love & fun. The best images are authentic images. 

Feel comfortable, soak in the love of your partner & allow your genuine emotions to shine through the photographs. Happy Valentine’s Day, love bugs. 

couples photo shoot for valentine's day


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