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The Five Best Mobile Phone Editing Apps

With the ever-improving quality of mobile photography, professional-grade photo editing is no longer limited to your desktop computer. Lucky for us iphonographers, there are many apps to choose from to get your photos looking picture perfect on the go. Check out our five favorite photo editing apps for your mobile phone!

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe's Lightroom mobile app is full of enhancement features for your photos. We love the preset features in Lightroom where you can create your own "filters" with your favorite editing settings and apply it to all of your photos with just one tap. We like to have a few different presets for each style of photography so that we can add our basic edits to a photo, then go in and tweak where necessary.


With tons of editing features, presets, and sharing options it's no surprise that VSCO is a favorite editing app among photography lovers. Some of our favorite features are layering filters, the clarity tool which emphasizes small details in macro photography, and the skin tool to fix flesh tone issues in a portrait photo. This app will have your photos ready for print in no time!

3. Snapseed

Another favorite of ours is Snapseed, this apps simple design has it all without the complexities of some other editing apps. The portrait tool enhances the quality of facial features and the healing tool allows for object removal and retouching making your mobile photo look professional in seconds. This app is jam-packed with features you will love.

4. Afterlight 2

With over 20 adjustment tools it's no surprise that Afterlight is a favorite of ours. This app is full of high-quality filters and texture options to give your photos a very custom look in seconds. Not sold just yet? Check out their Instagram page that has tons of posts showing off some beautifully edited photography.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are a desktop Photoshop user you will love Adobe's mobile app version. This free photo editing tool has plenty of advance tools and all of your favorite features that you are accustomed to in your typical workflow. We love the smart filters option where common photo issues like temperature and exposure are automatically fixed.
What are your favorite editing apps?

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