The Best Presets for Your Photos

The Best Presets for Your Photos

When you're scrolling through your favorite IGers, you may notice that some users – especially influencers – will have a very consistent look and feel for their imagery. How do they achieve this? Most likely, through using a set of Lightroom presets! You can use presets on the free Lightroom mobile app, and they make editing your photos really quick and easy. So, there's less time editing and more time posting and then printing!

We rounded up our favorite sets of presets from our partners that are available to purchase. Take a look below:

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Helen Don Photography Mobile Presets: This set is comprised seven different presets, each crafted to work specific magic on different types of images, including: bright – a clean look that adds just the right amount of brightness and contrast; sunshine – makes your images warm and sparkle; refresh – adds film-like contrast and extra warmth; inside fix – corrects your indoor photos taken with unflattering artificial light; landscape – makes landscape images pop and adds contrast; mood – creates a timeless black and white image with the perfect amount of contrast; and sunset – brings out all the beautiful tones & texture in the sky.

The Cedar Homestead Collection by Jessie B. Photography: This preset collection, created by Jess Buttermore of Jessie B. Photography, was inspired by her time living in the Pacific Northwest on a property in the mountains where there's a small farm. This land is completely surrounded by cedars, firs and ferns, giving a tranquil, serene feel from the moment you arrive. This collection contains five color presets and one black and white conversion. Each color preset is created for a specific scene and shooting purpose all while balancing light and shadows and preserving skin tones.

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Redwood Presets by Emily Magers Photography: These presets were made to be universal – a base for you to start from and feel confident with in any location or lighting situation, no matter what camera body you use. Emily's goal is to give you that true-to-color, excitingly real look you've been searching for to make your editing process smooth and seamless. For Emily, these presets feel like home with the perfect warmth, depth, and moodiness.

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OGP Beach Presets: This collection features seven different presets – six color and one black & white – to help enhance your beach images. Additionally, 13 brushes and/or gradients help to really bring out the details of the water and enhance those colorful sunsets!

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Mom Mobile Presets by Kayla Brint: Do you want to edit the image but feel frustrated and don’t know where to start? These are professional photographer Kayla Brint's personal mobile presets that will help you quickly and easily edit your mobile photos. Seriously, one click!

Now that your photos are edited and ready to go, don't forget to get them printed!