The Art of the Thank You Note

The Art of the Thank You Note

In a year where we’ve all been kept apart from loved ones, receiving a thank you note in the mail is more important than ever to express your gratitude.

Especially as we head into the holiday season, having your own set of Custom Stationery is a must so you can feel connected to friends and family – no matter how far away they are.

Start them young!

No one is too young to have their own personalized stationery. Ingrain the idea of writing thank you notes into your kids from the beginning, and your children will be warming hearts far and wide.

Let your kids pick out their own design and then help them customize it with their name as a way to get them excited about writing their thank you notes. With so many of our designs to choose from, your child can make their stationery set truly their own!

Make it warm!

When it comes to the note itself, to make it really memorable, ensure that you trade the normal platitudes for words that will truly make an impact with your recipient. Meaning: don’t just write, “thanks for the gift.”

Instead, really personalize your note. Call out the gift specifically so the reader knows they’re not getting a generic note. Share how you plan to use, or if you’ve already been using it, what joy or fun you’ve gotten from the gift. Note how special you thought it was that they thought of you when sending the gift.

Sign off with some well wishes (and some much-needed hope during this tumultuous time!), and thank them again for the thoughtful gift.

Help your kids when appropriate.

Obviously, some children are too young to write their own notes. In that case, write the note yourself, then hand your child a marker or some crayons so they can add their own pizzazz to it!

If your kid is putting off writing that thank you note to grandma, set a rule that there’s no video game playing until the note is finished!

Now you’re all set to write some thoughtful, memorable thank you notes for all of your birthday and/or holiday gifts. Don’t forget to support your local USPS and buy some stamps!