How to Safely Plan for a Wedding This Winter

How to Safely Plan for a Wedding This Winter

Planning a wedding is stressful. Whether it’s deciding on the perfect photographer or who to leave off the guest list, there really isn’t a dull moment throughout the planning process. With COVID-19 as a new hurdle to clear, stress levels are at an all-time high.

Luckily, there are still safe ways to pull off a celebration of love this winter. Being aware and communicative are essential and can really save the celebration. Keep reading for the best ways to improve your planning this winter:

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Limit the guest list

This may seem like an obvious solution, but one that needs to be seriously considered. If you choose to continue on with your original wedding plans, the guest list will have to be limited. While you may have a hard time filtering out these loved ones, it is also completely acceptable to rescind an invitation in light of the coronavirus. You may even find people politely opting out of the celebration due to their own quarantining needs. Show grace to these guests and promise to celebrate with them, one way or another, after the pandemic has died down.

A great place to start is by focusing on people who have to travel to attend. With travel bans limiting some people to leave their state without quarantining, a long weekend may be a stretch. For these travelers, there is still a way for them to be a part of the ceremony: elect to have the ceremony live-streamed! Send these friends or family members the link and read their comments the next day. You will be surprised at how appreciative they will be of this gesture.

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Opt for social distanced solutions

Delivery is the name of the game! This can save you from having direct contact with people and can improve the overall experience of planning. For example, most florists and other wedding vendors have the option of delivery. While this can be more an added cost, it may save you the exposure of going into a brick-and-mortar store and collecting all of your necessities.

Not only can you have these decorations brought to you, but you can have some over-the-counter essentials delivered to the venue. This includes any PPE (personal protective equipment) that you will be able to provide for any wedding guests who may have forgotten theirs. Having a plethora of masks and gloves as backup will only make the night go smoother and safer. Not to mention, placing small first aid bins in the bathrooms can help make everyone more comfortable.

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Communicate with everyone involved

Communication is everything, especially throughout a “pandemic wedding.” Once you have a shortened guest list, it’s crucial to communicate what the regulations and guidelines are to the remaining guests. Sharing your safety measures and being transparent with everyone is a must. Will guests need to bring their own masks? Will they need to wear the masks the majority of the time? What measures will be taken to ensure these are followed? Informing your guests ahead of time can prevent any issues with loved ones not following the rules.

Signage can make a huge difference as well when trying to communicate with a large group of people. It is extremely helpful to have reminders scattered throughout the venue. Invest in signage to guide one-way traffic, assign seats, or just offer a gentle reminder that they should be wearing their masks. Not to mention signage can be beautiful and can even double as decorations as well!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Ultimately you are celebrating with your friends and family a beautiful moment in your life. Ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable and have a happy wedding day!