Nations Photo Lab's Refer-a-Friend Program

Nations Photo Lab's Refer-a-Friend Program

Have you recommended Nations Photo Lab to a friend or loved one before? Well, now you can get rewarded for doing so!

We love how devoted our customers are to the Nations Photo Lab brand—trusting us with your precious memories—and we wanted to find a way to reward you for sharing the love with your friends and family?  

Now, you can give your loved one 30% off their first NPL purchase and you’ll receive 30% off after they make their purchase!


Here’s how it works, step-by-step…

How to GIVE 30% off:

1. Head to our referral page. (You may also see this pop up when you head to our homepage!

2. Choose how you want to invite your friends or family. You can send them an email, send in Messenger, post on Facebook, or post to X (formerly Twitter) for them all to see.

3. Send the invite out, and they’ll have 30% off of their first order after signing up! Keep sharing the love for more rewards.

How to GET 30% off:

1. Your friend will receive an email, or see your post, which will send them to our website.

2. They can add in their email and immediately receive their 30% off to make their first purchase.

3. After their purchase, you will receive 30% off for your next order, also!


Once more, we want to say how much we appreciate your loyalty to Nations Photo Lab, and thank you for sharing the love for our products!