5 Reasons You Need Personalized Stationery

5 Reasons You Need Personalized Stationery

In this ultra-digital world we live in, I think snail mail is making a comeback, don’t you? Sending notes on customized stationery is a really thoughtful way to keep in touch with friends near and far.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons you need Custom Stationery:

Connect with faraway friends.

Especially during a time when many of us are social distancing, getting actual mail (not counting credit card offers or coupon books) is such a joy. In difficult times, it’s nice to have words of encouragement to keep us moving forward.

Send grandma or grandpa a note!

Your grandparents will definitely appreciate handwritten notes with updates on your life — it’ll warm their hearts and they’ll be delighted to brag about you to all their neighbors.

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You’ll never forget to say “thank you!” again.

If you received a birthday gift — or maybe even an unexpected gift — you don’t have to scramble for a paper to write your gratitude.

Gift your new niece or nephew.

If there’s a new little one in your life, they’ll need some stationery packs to “write” to their aunts and uncles. (And, their parents will appreciate that it’s one thing they don’t have to worry about.)

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Celebrate the everyday.

Sometimes there’s just not a card that adequately celebrates your best friend nailing her job interview, your little brother rocking his first big presentation at work, or your bestie hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram. With Custom Stationery, you can celebrate all of life’s little moments.

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