5 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

5 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

When you have a new bundle of joy in your life, it’s natural to want to photograph every moment! Many parents choose to do newborn photography sessions, but picking through a list of potential photographers that you Googled could be overwhelming. When choosing your newborn photographer, ask these questions!

1. What style of newborn photography do you shoot?

There are a few different types of newborn photography. There’s posed (in which your sleeping newborn is gently shaped into curled-up poses and wraps), lifestyle (in which the focus is on your newborn with your family and your connection), and baby-led (in which you let your newborn dictate the poses naturally).

Tap through some galleries of photographers to figure out which style you like best, and then ask your potential photographer what their preferred style is. Find a photographer whose preferences match yours!

2. What’s your availability?

Most newborn photography is done within the first few weeks of your newborn’s life so they can be captured at their most posable. That being said, most photographers will happily accept infants up to 8 weeks – you just won’t be able to get some of those more squishy, posed shots.

Newborn photographers can book up quickly, so feel free to start browsing as early as 20 weeks pregnant!

3. What’s your level of experience with newborns?

Obviously, safety is very important when it comes to your little one! Make sure you book an experienced newborn photographer. They’ll know exactly what to do to achieve those complex posed styles – and how to do it safely.

Don’t be afraid to ask how many years of experience they have or if they have any special training, such as newborn safety training.

4. Where do you do your newborn sessions?

Some photographers like to do newborn sessions in their studios where they have all of the props and camera equipment in one place. If you feel up to leaving the house two weeks post-baby, that’s great! If not, look into a photographer who is willing and able to do an in-home newborn shoot.

5. When can we meet?

After you’ve done your research, take some time before booking to meet your photographer in person. Sometimes it’s just a matter of personality! You’ll be in a high emotions, vulnerable place for the newborn shoot, so it’s important that you jive with your photographer.

Have other tips before you book your newborn photographer? Let us know in the comments!

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